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Review of Zibra Open It! and Giveaway @ DIY Guides

Here’s another review and giveaway for you!


Link: http://www.diy-guides.com/review-of-zibra-open-it-and-giveaway/

Quote: “It’s the holiday season and that means lots of packages to open. I think most everyone will agree that those sealed plastic clamshell style packages are the bane of society truly.  Opening those things I’ve tried scissors and have broken a few pairs over the years, the cheap plastic handled ones can’t handle it, they just snap. I’ve tried using a razor utility knife, not the safest approach obviously, but I learned the hard way by cutting myself with the blade, not fun. I’ve also tried to cut the package open a little bit and then try and tear it apart, but I’ve cut my hands on the plastic package. They just are not very easy to open at all. I understand they are for theft prevention, but when the customer can’t open them without getting wounded there’s a problem there. Fortunately for us a company called Zibra has created an inexpensive product to help us easily open these types of packages and it’s called the Open It!. Today for review that’s what I have, but they were kind enough to send me two of them, one for review and one to giveaway. So enough of my babbling, let’s get started…  “