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7" 800×480 USB Secondary LCD Monitor @ TestFreaks


"I’m sure a lot of you out there got a digital photo frame for Christmas, they’re one of the more popular gifts. I bet though that the one you got couldn’t also be used as a USB monitor, well that’s what I got, not for Christmas but for review from  The photo frame slash USB monitor I got for review is what one would call no-name or generic, it’s just called the 7” 800×480 USB Secondary LCD Monitor. It features a USB port and an SD card slot so you can view your pictures and it has 1gig of internal memory as well.  "

Remember, stop over for all your Digital Picture Frame needs!

7" Sylvania SDVD8732 Widescreen Portable DVD Player w/Additional LCD Screen @ TestFreaks



"Today for review I’ve got another product from our friends over at, this is one though that I was kind of excited about getting, sort of. I was more excited about getting it to stop arguments in my home, my kids fight all the time over things and anything to can stop that would be very nice. The product is a portable DVD player from Sylvania, model number SDVD8732, but it has one unique difference, it includes two 7” LCD screens so you can play the same movie on both screens. It includes straps to mount to car headrests so you can use it while traveling and it has a five hour battery.  "

Be sure to stop over at geeks for all of your portable DVD player needs, they’ve got plenty to pick from.

Fourteen Video Card Giveaway

Starting today, Friday December 17th, you can get in for a chance to win one of fourteen Sparkle Nvidia GT240 Video Cards. We’ve got a few different versions for you to win like Low-Profile, Overclocked and Standard Editions. Since it’s so close to the holidays we’re going to run this contest through the new year and for a little over 1 month. The contest will end on January 31st 2011. So you have time to get in on it, but don’t wait too long though. Continue reading to learn how to win a card for yourself and what you’ll need to do.



VaporCorp Smoke 51 Electronic Cigar Review


New review by me:


I’m a smoker, yeah I know it’s bad for me and everyone else, blah, blah blah, I don’t want to hear about. It’s the only vice I have, I don’t drink or do anything else and I enjoy it. I smoke cigarettes regularly and every one in a while I enjoy a cigar too. I’ve been wanting to try the new electronic cigarettes and when I got the chance to review them of course I said yes. I received both cigarettes and cigars for review actually. Today for review I’ve got the Electronic Cigar or e-cigar from VaporCorp / Smoke51. I can say it’s certainly a unique experience that takes a bit to get accustomed to, but it’s not bad overall.


Copyright Infringement for a Video Game review?!

Here’s a new one for me. I got a video taken down on YouTube saying I was infringing on the owners copyright.

The video was four years old for a game I reviewed four years ago.

I’d like to know what took them so long?!

Then I’d like them to tell me how to do a video game review without using videos in it?! At least I like to see sample videos for my game reviews.

Originally the company was very happy with the review, they never mentioned anything about not being allowed to use videos in the review either. They saw the review, they were happy with it when I posted it FOUR years ago. Now they’re not happy with it. I don’t get it at all. What changed? What didn’t they mention this four years ago?

So I emailed them and asked what the problem was. They them told me that all of the video game content was copyrighted and I couldn’t use any of it without written consent. Not just the videos, anything taken from the game I was not allowed to use.

I’d quote them from their email, but they might say I was infringing on their copyright again as they do have a little notice at the bottom of the email they sent me saying it’s strictly prohibited to copy the message.

So my next question is how do you do a video game review without screen screen shots either?!

It just makes no sense to me.

So what I did was go back to YouTube and delete all of the other videos and then I went to my review and I deleted all of the screen shots and pictures as well just to be on the safe side.

The review looks really stupid now, but they said I wasn’t allowed to use any captures of the game itself, the interface etc not just videos.

So back to my question, how do you do a game review then? I can see getting away without a video, that’s possible, but no in-game captures or screen shots? How the hell do you do a game review that way?!?!?!

That makes no sense to me at all.

Stupid people make me angry.