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Rant time…

Sort of rant anyway…

There are few ways to REALLY piss me off..

#1 – Would be lie to me- I find out you lied to me about something, well then you can just go to hell as I will never deal with you again, I don’t like liars, and I try to be an honest person in everything that I do.

#2 – Call me a liar – one surefire way to piss me off is call me a liar, especially if you have no fraking clue as to what’s going on and you have no proof that I lied about anything. That’s one thing that I really hate about the internet, people can just say anything without any repercussions or proof about what they are saying. They can just comment and call you a liar, just because their opinion or experience differs from yours.

#3 – Ask me to change a review once it’s live – Oh , no you didn’t! Sorry, but I stand behind my reviews, the testing and the opinions in them. Reviews are done from a stand point of the reviewer, so opinions of the product are going to be there of course, but I don’t put them in the review proper, they usually go towards the end or in the summary or conclusion. People read reviews to find out what the reviewer thinks of a product, not only for factual testing.

Not going to mention any names, but because you disagree with a review, or how it was tested, does not mean it needs to be removed, or edited to say what you want it to say… it doesn’t work like that. I may edit a review with new information yes, but I won’t change my opinions to make a company ‘happy’, not gonna happen on my watch.

I stand by my reviews, I try and do my best at giving a full view of the product and thoroughly testing it to the best of my ability and comparing to other products if need be that I may have on hand.


Got a record player!!

Woo-hoo I got me a record player… been a long time since I owned one, but one of the perks of being a reviewer is that you get all kinds of stuff..

So I now can play all of those records that i re-found at my mom’s house!


I just published a full review of it, I got it for review from, it’s the Grace Digital Audio Pico GDI-VW00 Compact USB Turntable/Vinyl Archiver and it allows you to record your records, but you can also hook up speakers as well to listen to them..

Not a bad little product, though I don’t like the fact that you can’t play the records through your PC speakers, you must use an external set… oh well it works and works well.

Check out the full review HERE

Buying Sudafed for the first time…

So, I’m sick.. my nose is all stuffed, my head feels like it’s going to pop from the sinus pressure..

I went to CVS the other day and got some regular decongestant, didn’t work well for me at all. I’ve had my nose broke a couple times and when I get colds or whatever my sinuses really bother me..

So I went this morning and decided to grab some nasal spray and actual Sudafed. This is the first time I’ve dealt with this new system where you can’t buy real Sudafed, you have to take a little card and present it to the cashier who then gives you the Sudafed…

Well CVS has the cards but it doesn’t say to pick up at pharmacy, it says to take to front cashier, I grab one take up front and stand in line. Only to find out that, no, the card is wrong and you have to get it at the pharmacy. So back I went, where I was originally basically, and wait in line yet again. So I hand the pharmacy person the card and she asks for id, she swiped my drivers license, inputted information in and then I had to sign this things stating I wasn’t using the stuff for illegal activities.

The whole thing just felt odd, I felt like I was doing something illegal, I was being carded and all my information being stored. I mean it was just an odd experience to go through, all this because I’ve got a stuffy nose.. I think it’s a bit much to go through just because I’ve got a cold… people are stupid, if they weren’t out there making drugs with the stuff us ‘regular’ people wouldn’t have to be inconvenienced so much