Rant time…

Sort of rant anyway…

There are few ways to REALLY piss me off..

#1 – Would be lie to me- I find out you lied to me about something, well then you can just go to hell as I will never deal with you again, I don’t like liars, and I try to be an honest person in everything that I do.

#2 – Call me a liar – one surefire way to piss me off is call me a liar, especially if you have no fraking clue as to what’s going on and you have no proof that I lied about anything. That’s one thing that I really hate about the internet, people can just say anything without any repercussions or proof about what they are saying. They can just comment and call you a liar, just because their opinion or experience differs from yours.

#3 – Ask me to change a review once it’s live – Oh , no you didn’t! Sorry, but I stand behind my reviews, the testing and the opinions in them. Reviews are done from a stand point of the reviewer, so opinions of the product are going to be there of course, but I don’t put them in the review proper, they usually go towards the end or in the summary or conclusion. People read reviews to find out what the reviewer thinks of a product, not only for factual testing.

Not going to mention any names, but because you disagree with a review, or how it was tested, does not mean it needs to be removed, or edited to say what you want it to say… it doesn’t work like that. I may edit a review with new information yes, but I won’t change my opinions to make a company ‘happy’, not gonna happen on my watch.

I stand by my reviews, I try and do my best at giving a full view of the product and thoroughly testing it to the best of my ability and comparing to other products if need be that I may have on hand.