Pittsburgh schools 2 hour delay because of Super Bowl?!?!

This is BS…. My kids have a 2 hour delay because the Steelers won the Super Bowl?!?! What the hell are these people thinking?

This is a wonderful example of the American school system, how do you put professional football, that has no bearing on real life, ahead of an education?

These players make millions of dollars to entertain us, we had to give our tax money to build a new stadium, which we’re still paying for years later… They do nothing real for society, they don’t contribute to society, but yet they are revered as godlike!?

So much so that if they are in this championship game we have to forfeit our children’s education to celebrate it? I have to stop my life, and the lives of my children because some grownups want to play a game and get paid an obscene amount of money?!?

Don’t get me wrong, I was a football fan at one point, but then I grew up, I realized there’s more important things in life than professional football, sure I can enjoy watching a game, but it isn’t all that… it’s a bunch of guys in uniforms, getting paid to play a game, that’s all it is, entertainment, plain and simple.

This is not an example I want for my children, putting a game of football as being more important than their education. What kind of example are we setting for our children?

What’s next? When the new Harry Potter movie comes out are they going to be off school so they can all go and see it? It’s the same thing, entertainment…

The truth here is that a bunch of morons got drunk, superintendents, school admin etc, and are hung over and didn’t want to get up early the next day so they figured it would be easier to ‘officially’ disrupt the lives of people than to take responsibility for their own over indulgence… This is BS!