Daily Archives: February 1, 2009

Steelers won the Super Bowl, SO WHAT!

Y’know,  there was a time I might be excited about the Steelers winning, I’m from Pittsburgh, and sure I’m happy for them, but there has to be assholes that just screw things up and make anything good suck…

So I’m stuck with asinine neighbors who have no common decency or respect for anyone else, they’re out there screaming and yelling, running up and down the street, (I was just hoping one of them would get hit by a car, maybe a Cardinals fan driving by!) and shooting off fireworks… This of course leads to them scaring the hell out of my 3 yr old son, waking him up crying because he doesn’t know what’s going on… Inconsiderate pricks, all of them!!

I’d like to go out there with a baseball bat and have at it, but I won’t, I’d like to call the police, but I won’t…. I’ve done that before, called the police, with my neighbors for noise and other problems, I ended up with flat tires, egg on my car and a smashed windshield, so we just have to sit here and deal with it… I hate them all and I need to move, somewhere quiet, or at least somewhere that the neighbors respect one another…

at this point in time I wish the Steelers would have lost, it would be much quieter and the assholes would be in their houses pouting….

This world is full of people that just don’t give a damn about anyone else, and frankly I’m sick of it, they can all go rot in hell…..