Oh well I figured this might make an interesting post… PIZZA! I ordered from Veltre’s Pizza in Pittsburgh a couple days ago, food is good but a bit on the expensive side when compared to the chain stores.. I got 3 small pizzas, 1 medium pizza and a large Calzone with meatballs and spinach, total was $70 with $5 tip.

The smalls were topped each with Black Olives, Pepperoni and one plain, the medium was topped with Black Olives and Mushrooms.

I prefer my pizza and calzone with a softer crust, so if you order from there you’ve got to specify that they don’t take them off of the cooking pan or screen, they normally take them off near the end of cooking to make the crust crispy.

here’s some pics of the food, the plain isn’t in there.. and yes that’s a stick of ram in the picture for comparison:

DSCF0203 DSCF0204 DSCF0205 DSCF0206 DSCF0207


Oh well.. more another day..