Giveaway of the Day

So a couple weeks ago I ran across a site called Giveaway of the Day, and it’s web address is  imagine that right?!

Anyway, the site is actually cool and useful, everyday they feature a new free version of a software product, Today, March 28th they are giving away StarBurn v.10, which is a basic CD/DVD burning suite, but it also supports HD and Blu-Ray as well.

The only catch is that with the free software there is no technical support and no updates, but eh free is free right? Also you have to install and activate/register the software the same day.

They give away some good stuff actually, usually it’s a very useful program like StarBurn today, Driver Magician on the 26th, Partition Table Doctor on the 25th. It’s not just utility software either, there are even games and things like the Easter ScreenSaver as well.   I’ve got it bookmarked and check it now everyday, so drop on by and check it out, you never know what you’ll find…