Daily Archives: April 9, 2007

John Chow-Evil Blogger Extraordinarie

Yes John, I do read your blog quite often, but with life and everything I’m a bit behind on the things I need to post about…

If you don’t know who John Chow is, the I suggest you drop by his blog and check it out, he owns The Tech Zone and a few other very popular websites. He is quite a learned person when it comes to making money online, his site features quite a few tips for people just starting out, so by visiting his blog you just might learn something.

 At the moment he is having an ‘Evil Blog’  contest where he is giving away a MicroSoft Zune, and if you have a blog all you have to do is post about the Zune contest to be entered into it.

 One of the prerequisites for the entry is to somehow fit the words ‘make money on the internet’ into the posting as well, I figured since MS wouldn’t give me a Zune for review I might have a chance to get one from John by entering his little contest.

On a side note, I actually met John at CES in 2006, he’s a very interesting to say the least… but more on that at a later date…