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If You Believe it Then It Is Not A Lie


Huh, What? WTF?

So my kid says that if you believe something to be true then it’s not a lie. I say WTF kind of reasoning is that?

I don’t know where he comes up with this stuff. He says he’s read papers and research and talked to all kinds of people about it and it’s true they all say that if you believe something to be true then it’s not a lie.

I don’t understand the reasoning or logic behind that at all.

For example: According to him if you go around accusing or calling someone a murderer that as long as you believe it then it’s not lying about them. It doesn’t matter that the person is innocent, as long as you believe it, then you’re not lying about them.

He says it should be that way, and he says it is that way according to his friends and the research he’s done, that’s the way it really is and I’m wrong. He says it doesn’t matter about the facts, just as long as you believe it.

He just can’t grasp the concept of opinions and facts apparently.

I don’t know what world he lives in, but I don’t think I want to live in it… if this is the way kids are being brought up today, then something is wrong.

I’ve tried to raise my children with values, no lying, have the facts before you make a judgment etc but it doesn’t seem that it worked very well sadly.

Netflix More Like WTF?

So I sometimes watch nature shows, a lot of them are goofy, but some of them I enjoy especially River Monsters. Sure it’s long and dragged out but I like the whole finding out about the creatures and then actually seeing it. For example sometimes there’s a myth behind what it is and how Jeremy Wade will actually explore the myth behind the creature. Sure it’s not award winning TV and all but I like learning about these creatures that exist out there.

Anyway Netflix has it’s so-called feature where when you watch something they’ll suggest others to you with it added to the main page with ‘More Like’. After I was done watching the latest few episodes of River Monsters I was back scrolling though the main page and saw the Netflix recommendation for More Like River Monsters and started scrolling. I saw the usual nature stuff there and then in the list was Analyze That with Billy Crystal and Robert DeNiro ? Just how the hell is Analyze That like River Monsters and other nature shows? I think something might be wrong with the Netflix system there….


The computer is your friend. Trust the computer




“The computer is your friend. Trust the computer”

So my NAS box ran out of room and I’m xferring everything via FTP to couple 1tb hard drives and I just happened to glace over at the FTP log and saw the message: “The computer is your friend. Trust the computer” 

I was like “WTF?!?!”  Apparently it’s an Easter Egg put in by the creators, it’s in many FTP programs from what I’ve seen. It was just really weird, a WTF moment for sure..

WTF Gamestop?!?!

I get games for review sure, but you can’t get every game that ever comes out so I’ve got to buy them. I don’t care for Gamestop too much, but it’s convenient, not even a 5 minute drive from my house and the used game are fairly cheap for my kids.

This has happened numerous times now I’ve gone in there on launch day and they don’t have the title. Not just little games, but big blockbuster games like Call of Duty Black Ops for instance.

Today Plants vs Zombies for Nintendo DS came out. My kids had 2 hour delay because of the ice on the roads, so I stopped at Gamestop after dropping them off and no Plants vs Zombies for the DS at all. They only have them if you reserved it. This has happened many times now and it’s to the point where it’s really pissing me off.

I don’t reserve games because you never know what’s going to show up on my doorstep to review, so why reserve something when it might show up.

Wouldn’t you think that they’d get a few extras in besides the reserves for people who walk in and want to buy it. That would be common sense I would think, but apparently Gamestop has no common sense at all. They’re losing money.The guy even told me that they got no extra copies to sell except for reserves and that’s it. So now everyone that sees the game has been released today will go in and be told no that they don’t have it. It’s release day and they don’t have the game for you to purchase, that just makes no sense to me whatsoever.

If it wasn’t for my kids I seriously wouldn’t ever step foot in a Gamestop, Kmart is right across the mall from the Gamestop and I could easily grab games there if I want to buy them. usually I just grab them from Amazon or somewhere else online.

It’s launch day at the biggest chain video game store and they have no copies of the game.

As I said this has happened many times to me and it’s rather annoying that such a large company like Gamestop doesn’t have the game on launch day for you to buy.

Whatever, someone else will get my money if they don’t want it..

RickRoll WTF?!?!?!

I must be too old or something, I don’t understand or find anything at all funny about this whole RickRoll thing going on now…

It’s asinine and childish from what I’ve seen, I didn’t think I was that old, I’m only 36, have I lost my sense of humor?

Or am I more mature than those who find the whole RR thing amusing and funny?

I don’t understand it all all… and I can’t figure out what is so funny about them.

I don’t know…