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How a Growth Strategy Can Impact Your Business


Business is always changing, and unless you find a way to keep up with the trends, you won’t last long. New technology and ideas will simply make your business redundant if you aren’t careful. The marketplace is full of case studies of companies that refused to change and grow with the times, and as a result, collapsed. One of the most common examples of such a company is Kodak. Kodak failed to implement digital camera technology, and lost the market to smaller players. Ultimately, the once giant corporation filed for bankruptcy, leading to its demise. While one may wonder how the ground can shift under a business without notice, it is important to note that, adopting a growth strategy that is driven by changes in the business environment is not easy. It takes strategic management skills to do it. The good thing is that, once you master it, a growth strategy can take your business to the next level. For context, here is how a growth strategy can impact your business.


Aennon Ultra-Compact 2-in-1 LED Work Light Flashlight Review


Link: http://technogog.com/review/review-of-aennon-ultra-compact-2-in-1-led-work-light-flashlight/

Quote: “Up for review today I’ve got the Aennon Ultra-Compact 2-in-1 LED Work Light Flashlight that is just a very handy product. The light comes with a magnet and a retractable hook so you got mounting options to make sure you get light where you need it and when you need it. The light is actually two lights, a 4 LED flashlight and a large 24 LED array for getting a lot of light on the situation. Read on to learn more… “

Is There Such a Thing as a Business Day Anymore?


This is the internet, we are connected 24/7 and/or 365 days per year so is there really such a thing as a business day anymore?

Sure banks and all still have business days and even those are coming to an end. I know some banks are open now seven days per week.

People work seven days per week. Who or what exactly defines a business day? Is it 9-5 Monday thru Friday? I don’t think so. The internet is always on, someone is always working so why is there still a business day when it comes to things on the internet?

Hokey my helper!

Hokey is at again, he’s certainly not camera shy that’s for sure! As soon as I look away up he jumps and just gets all comfortable, he just doesn’t care what I’m doing…

Wow… Long time no posting and some links

Wow.. I‘ve just been so busy with work I kinda forgot about this blog of mine… but really didn’t, I mean I think about posting to it all of time, but just have no time..

I’ve got a ton of cool stuff though for review with more on the way..

The Epson MovieMate 60 Projector is just awesome… I love it, too bad it has to go back.. darn…


I’m trying to find more writers and reviewers for all of the sites, I think I found a couple, but we’ll see..

I need techie articles more than anything, even little ones would be fine, like tips and tricks or even top ten lists..

Wanna write? hit me up at the Contact me…


oh and I ruined my hat… I washed it, now it’s this flat scrunchy looking thing… it didn’t say NOT to wash it, and I mean it’s a hat, you’ll wash it eventually. For that matter I wash anything new before I wear it, who knows where it’s been or who else may have been wearing it right?

Got my first review up on Wii Digest on January 2nd.. also added more box shots to the gallery as well, with more coming.. and I’ve got more games to review there and i may have a couple people to write over there as well..

The review is Ju-on The Grudge Haunted House Simulator


I thought it was going to be a good game, but the controls are just terrible..


Stuff from TestFreaks:

Review of Verizon Wireless DROID Eris

Verizon Wireless Gateway LT 2016u Netbook

The Biggest Loser Nintendo Wii

World of Zoo Nintendo Wii

Cars Race-O-Rama Nintendo Wii

Kingston HyperX DDR3 4gig Memory Kit 1600Mhz KHX1600C8D3K2/4GX 1.65V

booq Taipan Shadow XS Slim Laptop Messenger Bag

Verizon HP Mini 311-1037NR Netbook

Epson WorkForce 1100 Wide-format Printer

Noctua NH-U12P SE2 CPU Cooler


There’s others on TestFreaks as well, but those are mine..


Here’s a few from DragonSteelmods as well, mine and Toms..

Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler

GlideTV Navigator Review

Xclio Nighthawk PC Case Review


and here’s some from iGadgetLife:

NetSecure SmartSwipe Review

Thermaltake T3000 Fanless Notebook Cooler

Thermaltake Massive23 CS Notebook Cooler

Be.ez LA robe Netbook 10.2 Sleeve Review


and here’s two from MobilityDigest:

Advent ADV800XM 4" Touchscreen Portable GPS Navigation System

TomTom One XL-S 4.3" Touchscreen Portable Bluetooth GPS Navigation System Reviewed


and one from Xbox360Dgiest also:

Review: Xbox 360 Starter Pack


Yeah.. I’m rather busy..


I did also post some stuff over at Bona Fide Reviews as well, but the site is under maintenance right now so I can’t link to it just this minute..

Finally an update..

Yes it’s been a few days since I’ve updated I know…

I’m just so busy, I spent all day friday and all day saturday redoing my steps, I’ve got sunburn on top of my sunburn and the interesting thing is that my face only has sunburn on one side really, just a little on the left side. My right side neck is is all burnt as well and I’ve got an interesting tan line from my sunglasses and you can see where I had my gloves on as well.

But the steps are basically done, the main part is anyway, once I got to the top I found that they’re crooked… since the concrete was really bad I had to do the very top step as well, but that wasn’t very safe, there would be a nice 1 1/2″ bump from the wood right there on the top so I decided to cover the landing as well with wood, kinda like a platform on top. When I started it I found that the top step was crooked, I lined up the planks with the top one and started running them back but since the top step wasn’t square everything the planks on the landing are crooked now so now I have to figure out some way to make them straight.

I have wooden steps going up to my porch that will need replaced as well eventually, but what I think I’m going to do is remove the riser and run the wood planks under the first step so that you won’t notice how crooked they are, sort of an optical illusion type deal. I’ve got lots of extra wood cuts so I can play around with it to get it looking correct

so I was thinking just how much this little project cost me, about $350 in materials and so far close to 17 hours in labor, billing out at $25 per hour that comes out to more in labor than the materials cost, but still the cheapest quote I got for having someone redo my steps fully, ripping them out and re-pouring the concrete was about $5,000, so I think I’m coming out ahead. I guess it’s  a good thing I have the tools and knowledge to do this sort of stuff…

One big change will be in the winter though, you can’t use regular rock salt on wooden steps so I have to get the more expensive calcium stuff, and of course once per year I’ll need to hit them with Thompsons Water Seal, if I maintain them they’ll last pretty much forever

yeah I’m more than a geek…