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Gingerbread Mini Village Kit

So the other morning before school my kids wanted to make a gingerbread house, mind you this was like 15 minutes before walking out the door to go to school. They were actually using peanut butter to hold the pieces together, needless to say that doesn’t work.

So I remembered seeing gingerbread house kits from Wilton at the store and went and got one. They’re $10 so I figured why not right?! The one I picked is this one: http://www.wilton.com/store/site/product.cfm?id=CA413FAB-1E0B-C910-EAFC0486AEC25D9C&killnav=1

It’s the Gingerbread Mini Village Kit that has five houses in it.


Here’s the description:

“Includes 5 easy-to-assemble individual sets of gingerbread house panels (assembled houses measure between 3 and 4 in. high), lots of colorful candy, icing mix, red liquid color packet, 2 decorating bags and tips, cardboard bases, complete instructions. Houses measure approx. 2.75 – 3.75 in. high x 2.5 – 3 in. wide x 1.5 – 3 in. “

They make it sound so easy. My kids wanted it so I built them and did the basics and let them decorate them. It took a few hours to get all of this work done and it turns out none of them really like gingerbread… of course right!!

Anyway here’s the finished houses, not exactly art, but they’re edible!