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Busy,busy a new site…

Wow.. I’m a just so busy lately, I’ve just got a ton of new products in, an MP3 player, another USB drive, keyboards, USB stuff…  I didn’t realize it’s been so long since I updated this site..

anyway, I’ve got a new site launched on BlueFur called dsmTechNews

dsmTechNews.com is a sister site to DragonSteelMods.com

Tech News from around the world the way you want it, the way it should be!

There are many, many news sites out there but none quite like this, the majority of them are great sites but they usually only focus on one thing.

The aim of this site to to promote product reviews from sites around the world to let people easily find them for their reference.

On dsmTechNews you’ll also find Press Releases from companies as well, and news about new gadgets.

I’ve also created a category just for contests that other sites are having so you can easily find them and maybe win something cool.

I visit quite a few tech news sites, but that’s just it, I have to visit quite a few of them to get the latest news and especially reviews of new products from popular sites. It’s easy to find tech news, but that’s usually all you’ll find is news on new products coming out, I wanted to create a site where you can find not only news about upcoming products but also find reviews as well.

The site will be updated at least twice per day, but probably more depending on how busy we are