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Mobility Digest Review: Universal Cradle for iPhone / iPod with USB Hub




Look around, you’ll find Apple devices are extremely popular and with that comes accessories for them. Today for review I’ve got a little universal cradle from our friends at USBFever. This cradle allows you to not only dock your iPod, iPad or iPhone but it has three USB ports to use as you see fit and an audio jack for headphones or external speakers.

Mobility Digest Review: World’s smallest Micro SDHC USB Card Reader





So how about another review today? World’s smallest this and world’s smallest that, we hear it all the time it seems doesn’t it? No matter the claim, I’ve got a very small Micro SDHC card review from our friends at USBFever. At this point in time all of our mobile devices use microSD cards, so something like this little gadget could very much come in handy I think.

7" 800×480 USB Secondary LCD Monitor @ TestFreaks


Link: http://www.testfreaks.com/blog/review/review-of-7-800×480-usb-secondary-lcd-monitor/
"I’m sure a lot of you out there got a digital photo frame for Christmas, they’re one of the more popular gifts. I bet though that the one you got couldn’t also be used as a USB monitor, well that’s what I got, not for Christmas but for review from Geeks.com.  The photo frame slash USB monitor I got for review is what one would call no-name or generic, it’s just called the 7” 800×480 USB Secondary LCD Monitor. It features a USB port and an SD card slot so you can view your pictures and it has 1gig of internal memory as well.  "

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USB Portable Media Player w/Card Reader @ iGadget Life



Link: http://igadgetlife.com/reviews/review-of-usb-portable-media-player-wcard-reader/
" Today for review our friends at Geeks.com have sent me over a very inexpensive portable media player. This product will allow you to play movies, music, view photos or even read e-books right on your TV via component or composite connection on your TV. It uses a regular 2.5” hard drive and even comes with a carrying case and a remote. It’s not exactly a high end product, but it’s not bad especially considering it costs under $30. "

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