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Hawk in My Yard

Just random nature picture…


So I went outside the other day to take the dog out and there was a rather large Hawk in my backyard. He was actually sitting about 15 feet from the back door on the hill, I didn’t even notice him until he flew off and startled me. He went right up into the tree and I tried to get a good picture of him, but he really just blends in.

He’s right there in the center of the picture..

A Christmas Present Already?!

Yep I got a Christmas present already! It’s from Arctic Cooling actually, they sent me a card and a little Christmas tree gift. The tree is actually rather nice. It’s made from clear plastic and it’s for holding business cards. On the base are magnets to hold paperclips. Neat little gift. My 5 yr old thinks it’s really cool, and so do I.



Go check out Artic when you get the chance, they do make some great products.