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iPhone.. GACK! Things it can’t do that my Tilt can!

OK, the new iPhone is out, but damn I’m already sick of hearing about it…

Go over to Digg and you’ll see several stories about the iPhone or something related to it, and htat’s not just Digg, pretty much everywhere..

I’m sick of hearing about it already, people are acting like it’s this wonderfully amazing thing that’s going to change the world, it’s not going to, it’s a phone for f*cks sake…

Hey I love my phone, an HTC TytnII or ATT Tilt, but I’m not gloating over it.. maybe it’s time I should though… It’s a vastly superior phone even though it’s a year old now

my phone can do pretty much everything the iPhone can and it can do everything the iPhone can’t, all those things that people are complaining about and much more!

Let’s see:

Copy and Paste – Check!

Real GPS -Check!

Turn by Turn GPS navigation – Check!

3 megapixel camera – Check!

Pop/Imap Email – Check!

Don’t have to have itunes account – Check!

Can surf and talk – Check!

Bluetooth Stereo – Check!

Customizable – Check!

Videos – Check!

and I can go on and on about what the Tilt can do that the iPhone can’t.. The Tilt is a far superior phone over all!

iPhone.. Blah, Gack… Go Away you bother me…

Kennywood Park.. blah

So we went to Kennywood park on friday, it was blah, not really fun, I guess the main reason it wasn’t fun is because I’m broke and basically have no money to spend on things like fun, I have bills to pay and they are what’s important in life, not having fun…

but anyway, it was my 2yr olds first time there and he really had a blast, he loved it, he wanted to ride the rides and play games, it was like he’d been there before, he’s a little pro at it now it seems…IMAGE_154

but I didn’t take a digital camera with me since I have my phone, I figured that would be my camera.. so here’s a few pics:


I really didn’t take that many, it was just a bit much with the kids to keep track of everything, but the pics are pretty good for a cellphone

Edit: oh and this is my first post to this blog using Windows Live Writer, for whatever reason I see one of the thumbnails lnks to teh same picture.. oh well, it’s late.. I’m going to be

Krusell Touch Screen Pointer Review

So the other day I posted my first review for Tiltsite, the Triforce Stylus. It was sent from Krusell actually, but it’s a Triforce brand pointer. They sell them to other companies to brand and sell themselves.

It’s an interesting little device that works well, you can read my full review HERE about it if you wish to.

It’s nice as you won’t have to worry about losing your stylus since it’s built into the phone strap itself.


So if you’ve paid any atention I’ve got me an AT&T Tilt cellphone, or an HTC 8925, or you might call it an HTC TyTn II.

Anyway, i was chatting back and forth with Doug who runs it and he asked if I wanted to do some writing over there about things Tilt and HTC related, so of course I said yes..

I heven’t done much over there yet, so my name doesn’t appear often, but it will…

anyway, stop by and visit Tiltsite

Check them out..

The Elusive Black Squirrel

So last week I was helping a friend of mine out with one of his apartments, working on re-painting the porch roof, and of course he was running late, so while I was waiting I snapped some pictures with my phone of a Black Squirrel that was running about looking for food… you don’t see many black colored Squirrels so I thought it was rather interesting and worth noting…

Here’s the pics I took, you can click them to open to larger (1024×768) size: