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810-224-5028 Scammer


So I’ve got another scammy telemarketer calling me..  but it’s pretty much the same company as I just posted about the other day here




Brighton Michigan

Carrier: Mci Worldcom Communications, Inc.

Telemarketing Company: ?
Insight Teleservices
Determined Marketing

Various Reasons for calling Given:
Children’s Cancer Fund
Autism Society Fund
Children’s Leukemia Fund

These people keep calling and hanging up on my machine when it answers and I finally grabbed it and answered it on the first ring.

I told the lady we are on the do not calls lists for federal and state and she said "How am I supposed to know that?"

How is she supposed to know?  Well let’s see, this is quote straight from my state Do Not Call page: "Every telemarketer that calls consumers in Pennsylvania is required to purchase the list from the list administrator." 

Then from the federal do not call registry: "Starting January 1, 2005, telemarketers and sellers will be required to search the registry at least once every 31 days and drop from their call lists the phone numbers of consumers who have registered."

Hmm… that’s how she’s supposed to know…

We’ve been registered since the list came out, both home and my cellphone are registered.

The lady or girl or woman who answered was rude and ignorant and just downright annoying.



It’s been a while since I posted one of these but this one deserves it I think.

This company has been calling and hanging up on my answering machine and just being annoying.

I never signed up for it, no one in my house signed up for it so I can only assume they got my home number by some nefarious means by buying a list.

We are on the Federal and State Do Not Call Lists, but yet they still keep calling, I don’t get.


This number is 845-764-9444 and it’s for All About the Baby and here’s the info I found:

All About The Baby, LLC
Customer Service # 800-347-3535

9-5pm EST Mon-Fri


Website: AllAboutTheBaby.com



It’s Jamaica calling mon!!!!!

Yep, here’s another scammer number to add to the ever growing list!

This one is from Jamaica of all places.

This one actually has a article or two I found on Google from local news websites. here’s one of them:http://www.wistv.com/story/19494875/jackson-county-sheriffs-office-warns-of-phone-scams

That’s from WISTV10 website and Jackson County, IL and the sheriff’s office was actually issuing a warning about it.

There’s several scams related to this one including you won money, you won a car, or there’s a delivery for you and you have to pay whatever amount to get it through customs or some such thing.

The company that provides service for the number is http://www.digiceljamaica.com/ and I contacted them via email and filed a complaint and I actually got several responses back and forth between me and a very helpful representative. They actually promised to look into it for me and see what they can do about it. I’m not sure if anything will actually happen but maybe if enough people complain to them, they might do something about it.

Feel free to add your experience to the comments below..




Here’s another scammy telephone number to add to the list.

I am on both Do Not Call lists for federal and state, but yet I still get these people calling.

This number is for Premier Energy, a scam company trying to get you to switch electric companies. This company was originally Premier Nursing Products Corp and supposedly sold products for nursing mothers now they’re in the oil and gas business. I’d say that’s a hell of a leap to go there…

I’ve read other complaints from people who have had this company call and actually claim they are from another electric company and ask for their account number and bank account number?!

It’s just a scam, don’t answer the phone, block the number and report them and maybe something will happen if enough people complain.



Yep, no id list on caller id. That’s a giveaway to spam or scam caller.

Hmm.. another scammy phone call. This one just calls and hangs up on the answering machine if you don’t answer it, but it sits there silently for almost a minute before it actually hangs up so it leaves a blank message on machine.

If you call back you can’t get through, says call cannot be completed at this time.

Supposedly it’s the American Future Fund, but I can’t verify that. It’s a republican political call essentially asking for money or doing a poll or survey. It depends some people have gotten asked for money and others have gotten the automated survey.

Either way it’s crap. I’m on the Do No Call List and it doesn’t work.

I wish they would stop calling.



I hate telemarketers. I’m on the federal and state do not call lists and yet they keep calling.

This is one that I get quite a few calls from, despite the fact that I constantly tell them to stop calling. They keep changing the number they call from, but yet it’s still them.

The company is supposedly Find the Right Job .com (yes I’m not linking to them) and the latest number is 917-580-6827

I never gave them my number, I never asked them to call me, but yet they have it and they keep calling.

I wish they would just crawl up into a ball and die like the vermin that they are.

So I’m just going to keep listing their numbers and any other number that I get from these people so others out there will know who is trying to scam them and who is harassing them constantly.