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StretchWrite Turns any Pen or Pencil into a Stylus

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Now I like this. I’ve got a few pens with stylus tip on the back of them but you have to buy new ink cartridges for them if you want to continue using them. The StretchWrite is a cover that fits over most any pen or pencil and turns it into a stylus, which I think is even better than the stylus/pen combos out there..


The new StretchWrite from Felix is a grip that adds a comfortable soft-feel to your favorite pen or pencil while transforming it into a high-grade stylus. StretchWrite’s patent pending design offers a thin, hollow point stylus tip for an enhanced digital experience while the silicone grip brings added comfort to your writing instrument.

“StretchWrite allows users to effortlessly switch from drawing in a sketch pad, to creating art on a tablet or tapping on their phone,” says Felix CEO, Chris Michaud. “We are so excited about this unique grip because it perfectly embodies what the Felix Brand is all about, a simple product that makes your day-to-day life a little easier.”

StretchWrite fits over most writing instruments and works with all touch sensitive screens. Simply pull the grip over a pen or pencil, insert the writing tip though the hole on the top end of the StretchWrite and enjoy an incredibly comfortable writing experience.

Each order includes a pair of StretchWrites in two different colors; red/gray or blue/pink. StretchWrite is currently available at FelixBrand.com for $9.99 per 2-pack.