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Monoprice MP Select Mini Spool Holder–My Design


So I found a great spool holder for the MP Select Mini but it wasn’t perfect, I had to redesign or remix it. I found that the most spools rub on the bracket so I made it longer and I raised it slightly as well. Now it’s perfect in my opinion.

Here’s the original on the right and mine on the left to compare:


Here’s the link on Thingiverse:

Monoprice MP Select Mini Spool Holder Remixed Larger and Longer

3D Printed Spool for 5 Dollar Filament Rolls–Something Useful

There’s a company called ProtoParadigm that sells spools of filament for only $5 each, go HERE to check them out, but anyway to keep prices low they created their own spool which isn’t bad but it’s not very stable. Someone over Thingverse created a spool for them and it’s perfect for the 5 Dollar Filament rolls but it can also be used for any other loose filament you might have too.