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Loroc’e Bluetooth Speaker Review


New review by me of a rather decent speaker..

Link:  http://technogog.com/review/review-of-loroce-bluetooth-speaker/

“Up for review today I’ve got a great speaker from a company called Loroc’e and it’s a Bluetooth speaker yes, but it also has line-in and even a microSD slot to play MP3 files, alogn with an FM radio and there’s even a standard USB port so you could charge your phone in an emergency from the 4000mAh internal battery. The sound quality is amazing from this little speaker, it can get very, very loud and still stay clear. Read on to learn more… ”

CoolStream BTS201 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review


Yeah another new review by me…

Link: http://technogog.com/review/review-of-coolstream-bts201-portable-bluetooth-speaker/

“Up for review today I’ve got another Bluetooth speaker from a company called CoolStream, it’s the BTS201 and it’s not Bluetooth but it has an auxiliary input along with USB and an SD card slot. The speaker would be great for home or office as it’s rather large, but it’s still portable. Sadly the sound isn’t that great, and that’s not what you want to hear when you talk about speaker. Read on to learn more… ”

SmartBB Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker Review


New review by me..

Link: http://technogog.com/review/review-of-smartbb-hi-fi-bluetooth-speaker/

“Up for review today I’ve got a Bluetooth speaker that’s not only Bluetooth, but it has a 3.5mm jack along with micro SD card slot so it can be used like an MP3 player. The speaker is just called the SmartBB Hi-Fi Bluetooth speaker and it’s very well made with a mirrored stainless steel covering that makes it look great. The sound is very good and overall it’s a great little speaker. Read on to learn more…”

iDeaUSA Taco Dual Bluetooth Speaker Review


New review by me:

Link: http://technogog.com/review/review-of-ideausa-taco-dual-bluetooth-speaker/

“Today for review I’ve got another Bluetooth speaker, well actually two  that work together to make real stereo sound. They’re from a company called iDeaUSA and they’ve got a funky name, the Taco Dual, despite the name though they’re a excellent set of speakers overall and they work well. These speakers can get extra loud and they still stay clear sounding and they sound great as well with a nice balance of bass and treble. The speakers are Bluetooth 4.0 with Apt-X and they have a built-in microphone along with NFC to make pairing easier. Read on to learn more… ”

AYL SoundFit Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review


Yep, new review by me…

Link: http://technogog.com/review/review-of-ayl-soundfit-waterproof-bluetooth-speaker/

“Up for review today I’ve got another Bluetooth speaker from a company called Accessorize Your Life or AYL and this speaker is very rugged and IPX5 certified for water resistance which means you could take it in the shower with you if you wanted to. The speaker has the common controls for play/pause and volume and skip tracks and it worked fine with my Galaxy S6 phone but what’s most important is the sound, and it’s decent overall. Read on to learn more.. ”

Tauren Outdoor Bluetooth Solar Powered Speaker Review


Neat little speaker…

Link: http://technogog.com/review/review-of-tauren-outdoor-bluetooth-solar-powered-speaker/

“Up for review today I’ve got a Bluetooth speaker from a company called Tauren and what sets this one apart from others is that it has a built-in solar panel for additional power while you’re on the go. It has a solar panel so obviously it’s a product that’s meant top be used more outdoors and it seems rugged and durable and they even include a carabineer so you can attach it to your pack while you’re out and about. The speaker can also be used as a speakerphone so you don’t even have to take your phone out of your pocket or pack while you’re hiking to take calls. Battery life isn’t the greatest at about four hours, but the solar panel will supposedly extend the playback time, but still four hours isn’t really much at all in my opinion. Read on to learn more.. ”

Arespark AS100 Bluetooth Speaker and MP3 Player Review


New review by me over on Technogog…

Link:  http://technogog.com/review/review-of-arespark-as100-bluetooth-speaker-and-mp3-player/

“I get all kinds of mobile accessories for review and most of them are just more of the same, but every once in a while I run across on that stands out from the crowd like what I have today for review does. The Arespark AS100 Bluetooth speaker is wireless speaker yes, but it also has a microSD slot that turns it into a basic MP3 player. The AS100 also comes with a 3.5mm cable so it can be used with non-Bluetooth devices and it can be used as a speakerphone if need be. All that aside, the speaker itself is very well made, it’s durable and seems rugged and it sounds good and it can get very loud. Read on to learn more… ”