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Free Shipping at Irrational Games Store on Games and Gear


Bioshock Infinite is coming early next year and the official Irrational Games Store is doing a special on everything by offering free shipping from now until December 23rd.


Irrational Games is offering free shipping within the U.S. and reduced rates worldwide on all items in their online store. The promotion, valid now through December 23rd, will ensure BioShock fans are decked out in the latest gear and that those heavy Collector’s Editions make it home safely at
Link to Irrational Games store: https://store.irrationalgames.com/

USPS Takes Four Days to Go From New York to Pittsburgh?!


Seriously here USPS?

Four days to get from New York to Pittsburgh?

I can drive there in a little under 7 hours. Which means about 14 hours round trip, still though four days for a 7 hour drive? Makes no sense to me at all.

…and people wonder why there not doing any good right?

Yes it’s International, so it has to go through customs. It’s a microSD card, PS Vita case and Network Tester. I don’t see how there could be a problem with it in customs.

I would think the ‘Processes Through Sort Facility’ means that it was processed and it’s done right? Probably not though…