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Gadgin Bluetooth Remote Control Camera Shutter Review


blah, blah, blah, new review by me..

Link: http://technogog.com/review/review-of-gadgin-bluetooth-remote-control-camera-shutter/

“The selfie is the in thing as I’ve mentioned before when I reviewed a selfie stick but that’s not all the accessories you can get to help you take better selfies. Taking pictures is fairly easy but a remote control shutter makes things a lot easier when taking selfies or just any other pictures. The product is from a company called Gadgin and it’s a Bluetooth remote control shutter that works with most mobile devices. Read on to learn more ”

Karnotech Selfie Stick Review


New review by me:

Link: http://technogog.com/review/review-of-karnotech-selfie-stick/

“So selfies are the in thing now, I guess I’m too old to understand it, but I’ve gotten numerous requests to review selfie sticks and I’ve stayed away from them, but I’ve given in. I figured why not as they’re just so popular so they should be reviewed. Today for review I’ve got the Karnotech Selfie Stick which is battery free and doesn’t have Bluetooth so it’s very easy to use. Read on to learn more.. ”