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I hate Christmas.

Yep I’m probably considered a ‘Scrooge‘ but I honestly hate Christmas and all that it has become, everything that Christmas was is gone from it, it’s all commercialized now and it’s all about having your hand out to get something. It has become the ‘gimme’ holiday and that’s about it, everyone expects something and the commerce industry has made it so you feel guilty if you don’t go and buy something for everyone.  I can’t wait till it’s all over, I’m sick of dealing with people in more of a hurry and more rude than they are normally are the rest of the year…

-Scrooge image from http://duckman.pettho.com/characters/scrooge.html

anyway I’ve got some cool stuff for review over at DSM, I guess that’s something good, but that’s business as usual..

Thermalright sent me over their Ultima-90 Heatsink:


Brando sent me over a cool credit card sized2gig mp3 player, it even included some music from Asia as well!


and I got some other stuff as well… so I’ll be busy for a while, even posting a review tonight…

Christmas… Bah-Humbug!