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MFX Screen Protector for Acer Iconia A500 Android Tablet Review


It’s another review by me, but this time on Mobility Digest!


Link: http://mobilitydigest.com/mobility-digest-review-mfx-screen-protector-for-acer-iconia-a500-android-tablet/

Quote: "If you know me, then you know I am a big fan of screen protectors, I need them on everything with a screen really. I have them on my phones because they get used everyday and it needs protecting. I have them on my cameras even, one of my cameras is the FinePix Z900EXR which features a 3.5” touchscreen on the back which certainly need protected. I even have one on my HDTV, not what you would think as a screen protector really, but it protects the screen and it has, on more than one occasion, saved my TV from damage by my children! Tablets have a larger screen that needs protecting as well, I recently got an Acer Iconia A500 Android Tablet and today for review I’ve got an inexpensive screen protector that Mobile Fun sent me over for review."

PosR.us Custom Screen Protector for Idolian TouchTab 10 Review



Quote: A little bit ago I reviewed a screen protector for the Le Pan Android tablet from PosR.us and I loved it, it works great and protects the tablet. I also have another Android tablet from Idolian called theTouchTab 10 and it has the same problem that the le Pan does and that’s a very glossy screen. The screen is like a mirror truly and I have a thing for having screen protectors on everything I own so I went to PosR.us to see if they had a screen protector. They don’t carry one for this specific tablet but they can make custom screen protectors for you.

MFX Screen Protector for PS Vita Review


Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-mfx-screen-protector-for-ps-vita/

" I am a firm believer in screen protectors, every device I own must have one. Personally I think companies should provide them with the products they sell, especially considering the price of most new gadgets these days. The PS Vita is the latest and greatest gadget out, at least for now and it doesn’t come with a screen protector but our friends at Mobile Fun have sent me over one for review. Actually they sent me over five of them as they sell them in packs of five and they only cost about $13 for all five. So I’ve got a quick review for you… "

MFX Screen Protector for HTC TITAN Review


A little while ago I reviewed a cheap screen protector I got form Amazon for my HTC Titan and I wasn’t exactly thrilled with it. Mobile Fun was kind enough to send my a much better one to review and use. I can tell you that price does matter when it comes to these things, it’s like night and day the quality of this one compared to the less expensive one.

Link: http://mobilitydigest.com/mobility-digest-review-mfx-screen-protector-for-htc-titan/

Mobility Digest Review: Inexpensive Screen Protector for HTC Titan from Amazon


Quote: Amazon is a great place to get inexpensive accessories for your phone. For the most part I’ve had very good luck buying cases and things that cost under $5. Recently I got an HTC Titan and I’m the type of person that must have a screen protector on my devices, I just have to so I went to Amazon and grabbed one for about $2. Is it worth it? Maybe, sort of, not really. So I’ve got a very quick review of it for you…

Link: http://mobilitydigest.com/mobility-digest-review-inexpensive-screen-protector-for-htc-titan-from-amazon/

POSRUS Antiglare Antifingerprint Screen Protector for Le Pan TC 970 Review @ Review the Tech



Quote: “ Today for review I’ve got a must-have accessory if you own the Le Pan TC970 Android tablet, it’s a screen protector but much more. The Le Pan is a great tablet, but the screen is very glossy so that it reflects light and really attracts fingerprints. I’m the type of person who must have a screen protector on all of my gadgets, just because I feel safer that way and it’s better to be safe than sorry. The product I have for review today I got from Amazon inexpensively, and it’s aptly named the Antiglare Antifingerprint Screen Protector for Le Pan TC 970, it’s from a company called POSRUS. So read on…“

Screen Protector for iPod Touch 4G Review





Hello all, I’m back with a quick review for you of something that I think is a must have product for anyone who owns an iPod Touch 4G. It’s one of the most simplest products on the market but yet one of the most valuable I think, it’s a screen protector. USBFever sent it over for review and it’s actually branded by a company called Tunerwear and it’s called the Tunefilm.