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1-336-436-9730 Scammer


So 1-336-436-9730 is a scammer number. The number is fake of course as you can’t call it back and you can’t block it (on my Android anyway) as I still get a voicemail every time they call.

They have called me now 6 times in about 24 hours.

Threatened with Violence for Not Saying ‘Thank You’ Loud Enough


I hate going out and dealing with people anymore, most everyone I meet is rude and ignorant and just doesn’t care about anyone but themselves and they feel entitled to just whatever and everything.

I went to Dollar Tree the other day to pick up a few things and I use a cane to walk, it sucks, but I have to and this guy held the door open for me and I said thanks, didn’t yell it or anything but apparently it wasn’t loud enough for him.

He followed me into the store and got behind when I was getting a cart and he was mumbling about how I was rude and how I could have at least said thank you to him for holding the door open for me. I did say thanks, guess he didn’t hear me, guess it wasn’t loud enough. Not sure what exactly he wanted from me, to yell it out so everyone heard that he was this wonderful person for holding the door open for me?!

I said ‘excuse me, but I did say thank you, I guess you didn’t hear me say it, and I’m sorry it wasn’t loud enough for you’

He proceeds to threaten to punch me in the head because I was being rude to him and that I should have said it louder so he heard it.

Since when do people have to be praised loudly for doing something decent for a fellow human being?

What kind of society have we become that I’m going to get threatened with physical violence for not saying thank you loud enough?

I hate going out, I hate people more and more everyday…..

Honking the Horn!

I don’t understand, doesn’t everyone have a cellphone these days? I’ve got neighbors who have people picking them up at all hours and just sit in front of the house honking their horn. It’s annoying as hell and I think it’s rude. Why can’t you just call when you get in front of the house, or better yet call when you’re close and say ‘be outside, I’m one minute away’ but no, they’d rather sit there and honk the horn non-stop and annoy everyone…


I don’t know, just felt the need to rant about that…

I Don’t Like McDonalds Anymore

So yesterday I took my kids to get their physicals for school and they also get flu shots. They weren’t happy about the shots of course so I figured why not treat them when we were done. There’s a McDonalds in the same shopping center as the doctor’s office so I asked if they wanted to get a milkshake on the way home. I hadn’t at dinner yet, and I saw they had the McRib and thought that sounded good. Guess that’s the first thing I did wrong, thinking something from there would be good.

Anyway we go inside and the girl who’s supposed to be at the counter wasn’t there, they had to find her. Finally she comes and she’s rude as hell, I guess we disturbed her break of something. There was no one else waiting behind me but she acted like she was in a hurry. So fine whatever, deal with it I guess to make my kids happy.

The kids ordered their milkshakes and ended up getting fries as well and I ordered two McRibs. It took a while to get just these few things and we left.

I get home and opened the first McRib and it was fine, opened the second one and there was no sauce at all on it. What the hell is a McRib without the sauce, that’s what makes it right? So that was ruined, dry and rather nasty without the sauce on it.

Oh and I forgot to get a receipt, she didn’t give me one. I meant to ask but the girl was just so rude that I wanted to get my food and go home. The bill was $20 for two sandwiches, three milkshakes and three fries, it just sounds a bit high to me and I wanted to check the receipt. oh well, live and learn. Then again that might be the correct prices, it’s been a long time since I’ve been there.

Then the night and now morning today I’m paying for it. I have the worst case of heartburn and reflux I’ve had in a long time, nothing seems to be helping at all. Zantac and Prilosec don’t help, I’ve taken more than I’m supposed to at this point. I just want it to stop, the food is like sitting in my throat, at least that’s what it feels like to me, I know it can’t still be there.

That’s not all though, I’ve made five trips now to the bathroom since last night, and my stomach is rumbling still. I don’t know why I even try, it seems every time I have McDonalds it makes me sick this way. I try and stay away from there for that reason, but I was hungry and we were there. That was a mistake apparently, thinking that I could get away with eating their food. I’m just not happy right now at all.

Gack, I’m so nauseas I just feel like I’m going to throw up, which I think I’m going to go and do now…