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Netflix More Like WTF?

So I sometimes watch nature shows, a lot of them are goofy, but some of them I enjoy especially River Monsters. Sure it’s long and dragged out but I like the whole finding out about the creatures and then actually seeing it. For example sometimes there’s a myth behind what it is and how Jeremy Wade will actually explore the myth behind the creature. Sure it’s not award winning TV and all but I like learning about these creatures that exist out there.

Anyway Netflix has it’s so-called feature where when you watch something they’ll suggest others to you with it added to the main page with ‘More Like’. After I was done watching the latest few episodes of River Monsters I was back scrolling though the main page and saw the Netflix recommendation for More Like River Monsters and started scrolling. I saw the usual nature stuff there and then in the list was Analyze That with Billy Crystal and Robert DeNiro ? Just how the hell is Analyze That like River Monsters and other nature shows? I think something might be wrong with the Netflix system there….