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Arctic Land Rider 403 Remote Controlled Leopard Tank @ TestFreaks


Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-arctic-land-rider-403-remote-controlled-leopard-tank/

" Up for review today I’ve got something a bit out of the ordinary, but it’s still tech related I think and it’s certainly not what I might consider a toy, but you might. Arctic has sent me over the Land Rider 403 Remote Controlled Leopard Tank and I have to say it’s a just a blast to use. The land Rider 403 comes completely assembled so all you have to do is charge the battery and start driving and shooting. The tank shoots shells by the remote control. The canon can be moved up and down and it’s attached to a turret that can rotate left and right. The Land Rider 403 is much more than a toy, it’s high quality and highly detailed remote control tank that I’m sure you’ll enjoy."

Review of Griffin Helo TC at Mobility Digest




Today for review I’ve got the Griffin Helo TC which is a remote control helicopter with which you use your iPhone or iPod Touch to control it. Yes it’s novelty, but it is fun. You can control the Helo TC with touchscreen controls or just by moving your iPhone/iPod. The actual helicopter is very sturdy , I’ve crashed it plenty of times and it’s still going strong. Sturdy is a good thing as it can be difficult to control at times because of the lag between the iPod and the helicopter.