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Dog bite and other news..

So yesterday our neighbors Pit Bull attacked my wife as she was walking home from school… she got bit on the leg, drew blood of course. This dog is a nuisance, it’s always chasing people around, it always seems to get loose from it’s collar. She was walking home from school minding her own business, this dog broke free, followed her through three yards and then attacked her for no reason. She was on the sidewalk just walking, actually nowhere near the house. The houses sit up on the hill about 30 yards from the sidewalk, so this dog essentially stalked her across three houses and attacked her… They’ve got three of them in total. Now she had to go to hospital, get shots, and still go get more shots for rabies now along with getting an anti-biotic prescription..

There’s something wrong with people in the world is they train their dogs to be mean like this, and especially if they can’t contain them properly. The dog is obviously dangerous, but yet it’s not secured to protect other people. All I can say is that they’re very lucky it wasn’t one of my kids that got attacked, there would be hell to pay I guarantee it…

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