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ATI Cursor Problem

Hey AMD/ATI fix the damn cursor problem that you’ve had for over a year now..

I thought it was a video card issue, but I’ve got two 4870 cards and one 4890 card and they all do it when running windows 7. The cursor gets all weird and big when running ATI cards on Windows 7..

ATI and AMD have known about the problem but apparently just refuse to fix it.

The only fix I have is to turn Pointer Trails on or click the box for Display Pointer Trails and then slide the slider all the way to the left for short trails. The trails are not really visible at all, and I haven’t had the problem with the big cursor either.

Still though ATI/AMD needs to fix the issue.. if you hop over to their forums you’ll find many posts on the subject with a lot of unhappy customers..


GoDaddy Sucks.. and I need a new host..

It’s that time again for me to rant about my webhost…

This has been going on for quite some time now where my site, dragonsteelmods.com is just not there, or it displays an error page where the site cannot be displayed..

how can they offer 1 terabyte of bandwidth per month but not let you use it? most I’ve hit is like 50gigs per month..

I’ve emailed them numerous times and they keep telling me that nothing is wrong with my site, if it’s supposed to show an error page then yeah nothing is wrong with it…

they tell me that they can see it just fine, how is that possible if I can’t?

My site hit digg and I had over 1000 people online at the same time with just it slowing down, now I’ve got a little over 200 people online and it has crashed, how is that possible?

Well I guess it’s possible because I’m using GoDaddy as my host right? That’s what I get for using a shared hosting account, but then again I make no money from the site so hosting is paid out of my pocket for my sites…

I’m looking into Media Temple grid hosting now to see what they can offer me instead of GoDaddy…

I got into an argument on the phone the other day with one of the GoDaddy reps who called me to ‘thank me’, I answered the phone and he asked to speak to me and I said yes that’s me and who’s this? He says it’s so and so from GoDaddy, and I immediately cut him off and said I don’t want to buy anything, he says ‘oh no, I’m not trying to sell you something, I just called to say Thank You for being a GoDaddy customer, then in the next breath he asks me if I know that I could save money by paying for my hosting yearly, and that I’ve got a couple domains that are expiring and would I like to renew them now over the phone’

Ummm.. that sure sounds like he’s trying to get my money to me…

anyway, I’m wondering if I could actually get donations to get the hosting upgraded? I’ve seen many sites out there that have Paypal donation buttons, but I wonder if they work? I tried selling advertising but noboday want it.. I dunno, it sucks being broke..