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Battlefield 3 Plus Premium, Pay More for the Bundle on Amazon!

Here’s another Amazon pricing snafu..

Battlefield 3 Plus Premium Bundles is on sale for $109.94 which seems like a good deal until you look closer..



Yep, if you want the bundle you’ll have to pay about $20 more for the privilege of bundling the games together..


I love Amazon game deals, but you really need to watch them… I see a bunch that are also listed as deals but they’re actually 0% off.. they’re just regular priced games listed as deals..

Mass Effect on Amazon, Pay more for the Bundle!


So here’s another Amazon pricing blunder.. the Mass Effect trilogy is on sale for $129.97 but looking closer there’s something odd going on..


Look at the actual price, it’s $108.09 if you buy the games separately, but if you want to buy the bundle you’ll have to pay $129.97


Somebody isn’t paying attention to the pricing it seems…