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Airform Pouch for NDS Lite Review


Yeah it’s another review by me… busy, busy…



Quote: "Up for review today I have a case for the Nintendo DS Lite. I got this for my kids and they’re not exactly the most responsible with their stuff so I needed a padded case but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money as like I said they’re not too responsible with their stuff. I grabbed one from Deal Extreme for slightly over five dollars and it works for the most part. The case is padded and even comes with slots for DS games and a net style pocket for other games or whatever else. The case comes with a strap, but sadly the strap didn’t last long. So read on to learn more…."

Club Nintendo 3DS Pouch: Luigi Edition Review


Link: http://reviewthetech.com/2012/05/16/club-nintendo-3ds-pouch-luigi-edition-review/

Quote: "So this isn’t an official review, but I thought it was well worth taking a look at. Over at Club Nintendo you can spend your points on things and a lot of the stuff is just decoration, but the Luigi Edition 3DS Pouch caught my attention and I spent some of my hard earned points on it. I figured why not make a little review out of it. Sadly, as of now, this product is no longer on the Club Nintendo site as one of the rewards your can get, but hopefully they’ll bring it back. So read on…  "