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How To Fix AMD Cursor Corruption

It’s sad that ATI or AMD still hasn’t fixed the pointer corruption issue with their video cards. It’s still there even in my 7850, and it was there years ago. I don’t understand why they can’t just fix it? They can make the fastest video cards on the market but can’t fix a tiny cursor issue?!

There is a quick and dirty fix for it though, add pointer trails to your cursor.


Yes I know they’re annoying so set them to the shortest and they really can’t be seen. Ever since I turned them on I’ve had no more corruption with my cursor.

Krusell Touch Screen Pointer Review

So the other day I posted my first review for Tiltsite, the Triforce Stylus. It was sent from Krusell actually, but it’s a Triforce brand pointer. They sell them to other companies to brand and sell themselves.

It’s an interesting little device that works well, you can read my full review HERE about it if you wish to.

It’s nice as you won’t have to worry about losing your stylus since it’s built into the phone strap itself.