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Jerry the Pet Mouse Pictures

So we have a pet mouse, we call him our accidental pet. Last year my son’s class had a pet corn snake and he was allowed to take him home over the spring break and we could feed him as well. I bought a feeder mouse for him and he just was not interested, the mouse went to sleep next to the snake. We tried three days to feed him but the snake just didn’t want it so we got stuck with the mouse as a pet. We couldn’t return it and we couldn’t let it go so we had to keep it. My son named him Jerry Springer as he likes to jump a lot.

jerry1 jerry2jerry3

Missing Pictures


So apparently I’m missing all kinds of pictures and I don’t know why, I have whole directories gone..

I just fixed the Vinyl 33 category so all those pictures are back, at least those of the records themselves.

Speaking of records, I’m trying to sell my vinyl, I’ve got 290 45s and 118 33s and I just got an offer for $40 for the whole lot. I was crushed, that price is outrageous for over 400 records that are over 50 years old. I don’t know what to do, I need money so I’m selling everything even the stuff I don’t want to like the records, they were mine, my moms and das collection, or I should say, it’s what’s left of the collection as there was a lot more.

More GI Joe stuffs.. Pictures of toys this time!

So I do have more Blueprints to scan in yet, but I’ve taken a bunch of pictures of the actual toys I have as well…

(all thumbnails open to large hi-res pictures)

so here we have the FLAK or Field Light Attack Cannon:



Next up we’ve got the G.I Joe SHARC Flying Submarine


and here we’ve got the Sky Hawk


That’s it for today.. I’ve got tons more to come, including play sets, accessories and more…