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Contest: Win a Samsung Gravity 3 Cell Phone @ TestFreaks

We’re giving away another phone over at TestFreaks…  Here’s the info:

As promised I’ve got another phone to give away to some lucky person. This week I’ve got the Samsung Gravity 3 for T-Mobile. You’ve got to remember though that we’re still giving away the Samsung Flight II this month, that contest is still going on until the end of the month.

Link: http://www.testfreaks.com/blog/contest/contest-win-a-samsung-gravity-3-cell-phone/

So, go get yourself a new phone..

Contest: Win a Samsung Gravity T or Samsung Flight II Cell Phone

Yep.. you need a new phone?

Then you need to hop on over to TestFreaks and check out the contest I just posted for you chance to win either a Samsung Gravity T for T-Mobile or the Samsung Flight II for AT&T.

Here’s a quote:

“Are you a T-Mobile or AT&T Customer in need of a new phone? If so then I’ve got a a nice one for you for free. Samsung was kind enough to give me five phones to give away to our faithful readers, three for T-Mobile and two for AT&T. The first giveaway will be for the Samsung Gravity T for T-Mobile and it’s going to be easy to win it. The contest will run from today, Friday September 3rd, until Thursday September 9th. The second phone will be the Samsung Flight II for AT&T, and that contest will run until September 30th. So read on to learn what you need to do to win one of these phones.”

and here’s the link to the contest:  http://www.testfreaks.com/blog/contest/contest-win-a-samsung-gravity-t-or-samsung-flight-ii-cell-phone/

So what are you waiting for? Get on over there and see what you need to do to get a nice new free phone for yourself!


So if you’ve paid any atention I’ve got me an AT&T Tilt cellphone, or an HTC 8925, or you might call it an HTC TyTn II.

Anyway, i was chatting back and forth with Doug who runs it and he asked if I wanted to do some writing over there about things Tilt and HTC related, so of course I said yes..

I heven’t done much over there yet, so my name doesn’t appear often, but it will…

anyway, stop by and visit Tiltsite

Check them out..

The Elusive Black Squirrel

So last week I was helping a friend of mine out with one of his apartments, working on re-painting the porch roof, and of course he was running late, so while I was waiting I snapped some pictures with my phone of a Black Squirrel that was running about looking for food… you don’t see many black colored Squirrels so I thought it was rather interesting and worth noting…

Here’s the pics I took, you can click them to open to larger (1024×768) size: