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Skyrim PS3 Update Now Live!


Woo-Hoo!!  The new PS3 Skyrim patch is here, finally, now maybe I can play the damn game… I just got done installing it, so I’m not sure if it works, but from what I’ve read there’s a noticeable difference in the lag problem. Only time will tell I guess. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend, finally, after months of owning it, I can play Skyrim on my PS3… hopefully…

Skyrim PS3 Patch To Fix Lag Coming Soon?



So I’m tired of waiting for this damn game to get fixed. I knew I should have bought the Xbox 360 version, yes it has it’s share of problems but at least it’s playable.

I haven’t played Skyrim since before Christmas I think and that’s because it’s just unplayable with the lag.

Now Bethesda says a new patch is coming soon to fix the lag issue. Isn’t that what they said about the last patch?

I’m ready to just go and grab the PC version and take the PS3 version over to GameStop and get something else entirely.

I’m really sick of this, I paid $60 I think the day it came out and haven’t really been able to play it or enjoy it. How the hell did Bethesda NOT know about the lag issues on the PS3? Don’t they put the games through testing?

Why do we put up with companies releasing such buggy and crappy games? Ok the game itself isn’t crappy, but what’s going on is. I should have been able to play the damn game from day one and not have had to wait several months for a patch to let me play it.

Skyrim PS3 Freezing Issue Fix



So I’ve been enjoying Skyrim on the PS3 in small doses. I say small doses because of the lag it has even after the latest patch. I can play for an hour or two and then have to turn it off because the lag is so bad it’s worse that moving in slow motion.

Now after the patch I’ve got a freezing issue! The game never froze before the patch, but now it is freezing whenever it feels like. I had it recently freeze three time in less than ten minutes. The only cure is turn off the PS3, but then it complains that you didn’t shut it down properly.

So I did as bit of research and found a fix for the freezing issue, to bad it doesn’t fix the lag though.

I turned off all of the autosave features and it hasn’t frozen since. Of course now I have to manually remember to save the game every so often.

So just thought I’d share that with you..