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Paranormal State

I remember when this show came out. I watched a few episodes just because it was Pennsylvania, sort of local basically. I stopped watching as I got bored quickly but I recently started watching again on Netflix and I found it’s just as bad as I remember.

I mean wow, how can something like this show even be on TV ?

The acting is just horrible.

I’ve got it on now and they’re showing pictures of scratches from before the ‘team’ got there, and they play ominous music when they’re shown. So we’re supposed to believe they’re real?! Seriously?

My favorite is that they see things coming towards them but nothing is on the camera and no one else sees them. It all just feels way to overacted to me.

I like watching these shows I guess because it’s not that I believe, it’s more that, to borrow a phrase, I want to believe. I’ve yet to see anything that makes me believe any of it is real.

I’ve watched the Ghost Hunters as well and it’s pretty much more of the same stuff, just with a lot bigger budget than Paranormal State.

I could go on and tell you I’ve seen ghosts, I saw something but I think it was more of the imagination of a small child than anything. I was young and a couple times I saw things, who knows what they were, like I said I think they were my imagination.

I don’t know…