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NCIS and Online Bingo?

When did it become so popular? I was watching the latest episode of NCIS, yes I watch NCIS and I like it, and with the picture of their suspect was a background picture of some online bingo thing. Doing a quick search I instantly came up with OnlineBingo.com as a popular one. That link there isn’t the one that was on NCIS of course, just an example that I found, the one on the show was just some generic graphic but the point is that if it’s on a prime time TV show it must be popular right? I believe it was the episode before this last one that NCIS had a reference to Skyrim in it, that was cool though as I like Skyrim. I think about things like this for some reason and I have to wonder why they picked bingo for the guy? Out of all the things they could have picked why that? You’re watching the show and it’s like bam

online bingo

just pops up on the screen big as day, sort of like that up there. Hard to miss isn’t it? It was like that on the show, just a huge point to be made for some reason.. What’s the point? They couldn’t have picked something else?  Why did they pick that? Yeah I think about weird things like that.

Apparently the guy on NCIS had a gambling problem and it was to online bingo of all things? I never gave much thought to it but how do you end up owning money to bingo? I could see poker or something sure, but not bingo, it’s more of a fun thing isn’t it? According to Wikipedia though playing bingo online is huge apparently, I didn’t know that. Then again it is Wikipedia so who knows how accurate they are?! I never would have thought bingo was as big as it is, and it’s all over the world thanks to the internet. Bingo is something I picture old ladies playing and not ‘regular’ folks, but I guess the internet has changed the way we do things these days and everyone has access to everything. (BingoVega.com does have great promotions though!)

I know online games are popular these days, especially ones like on Facebook, those I just can’t fathom nor do I play. Seriously I see people all day long playing those games on Facebook in the status updates on my phone. I thought people were supposed to be working and not playing games?! How do people get away with playing games all day long while they’re supposed to be working? How easy would it be to just look at your employees Facebook page and see what they’re actually doing on company time? I know some companies have a strict policy about social stuff while working, sadly from what I’ve seen not many of them do apparently. I honestly don’t care about your gaming really, I don’t want to see all of those status update when I check Facebook, it’s supposed to be social about people not about what game you’re playing. At least that’s what I thought it was supposed to be, but playing games has become an integral part of Facebook sadly.

I need to manage my time more efficiently I guess as I don’t even have time to play my console or PC games so I can’t figure out how people have the time to play online bingo or Facebook games. I don’t get it, where do you people find the time to do this stuff? It must be nice to be able to get paid to play games?!