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iGadgitz 8.9” Hard Cover Notebook / Tablet Case Review


New review by me at Mobility Digest…


Link: http://mobilitydigest.com/mobility-digest-review-igadgitz-8-9-hard-cover-notebook-tablet-case/

Quote: "Have you ever really looked into buying a case for your tablet or netbook or even notebook? There is just a plethora of them out there, yes I used plethora, and that’s the best word to describe it really. I like the word, it’s one that’s not used much anymore I think, but it really applies when it comes to the choice of cases out there today. Anyway, if you couldn’t have guessed, I have another case for review today. With the popularity of tablets on the rise, netbook and notebook cases are now being used for tablets, when you look at a site you’ll find the same cases listed in both sections. This is a good thing I guess as it gives you more choices, then again it can make life more difficult as you’ve now got so many to pick from. So the case I have for review today is the 8.9” iGadgitz Hard Cover Notebook Case and it kind of reminds me of a mini brief case. The case is a hard shell style, but it has a cloth material covering it and some padding in there too of course for protection. The case has velcro straps to hold your tablet or notebook in place and there’s even a mesh pocket to hold any accessories or other stuffs you might want to bring along with you. So without further chitchat from me, read on for the review…  "

Samsung Spinpoint M7 500GB Notebook Hard Drive HM500JI





Yep, I’ve got another notebook hard drive today for review, the Samsung Spinpoint M7 500G drive with a model number of HM500JI. I’ve pout it up against he other drives I’ve recently reviewed and added another 2.5” drive into the mix as well. So let’s get started..