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The Moral Decay of Our Society


What happened? What has happened to our society? When did people become such monsters? Yes human beings have been monstrous in the past and the present, look at wars and such, Hitler for example, but those were aberrations overall, now I’m just seeing more and more people that just lack any moral compass at all.

People are getting killed for their phones, their shoes or because they look different or they looked at someone the wrong way. That makes no sense to me at all.

When did we become a society where we just don’t care about fellow human beings?

When did it become ok for our children to idolize these music artists (if you can call them that) that rap about rape and murder and breaking the law where they make it sound like a good thing? How can we let our children idolize and want to be like these people that say things like this are ok? There are children that want to grow up to be gangsters and kill people and rape women and I don’t understand how we let this happen?

Children should not be idolizing murderers and rapists. Our children should be taught to value life and to respect others but instead they’re being taught that women are objects to be used, abused and discarded like trash. Our children are being taught that it’s ok to kill someone for looking at them wrong or saying something wrong about them. Our children are being taught that life has no real value and if you want it you can just take it and if you kill someone in the process that’s just fine. No it’s not fine, what has happened to us as a society that we condone this sort of behavior?

We live in a society where it’s possible to be killed for accidentally bumping into someone on the street. Why don’t we see how wrong that is? Why have we let it get this bad?

We now live in a society where you can be killed for the color of your skin or what nationality you are?

We live in a society where you can be killed for the god you believe in?

We live in a society where you can be killed for wearing the wrong color clothes?
– I remember, like 20 years ago now, I was working downtown and I had a guy flip out on me and chase me and threaten me because I was wearing a red shirt and he accused me a being a gang member and wearing the wrong color in the other colors territory. The shirt I was wearing wasn’t really red, it was a burgundy, it was a $100 Ralph Lauren button up dress shirt and I’m white and I had very long hair at the time. There’s no way in hell I could have ever been mistaken for a gang member, but yet this guy apparently thought I was because of my sort of red colored dress shirt. Luckily the bus came and I got on but he still chased after the bus yelling and threatening me.

I’m 42 years old and I’ve seen a lot and been through a lot and I’ve watched, over the years, the decline of society and I’m really afraid of where it’s ultimately heading. People have become just horrible.

I remember when we used to leave cars unlocked, car windows open, house doors unlocked, house windows open. Now we have to have security systems on everything and bars on windows and we have to double check the windows and doors are all locked at night. I can’t leave a window on the ground floor open at night to get some fresh air in the house. Why? What has happened to society that it’s come to this?

Last night near me a 45 year old man was hit and killed by not one, not two, but three cars and none of the drivers stopped.

Here’s the link to the story:  http://www.wpxi.com/news/news/local/man-45-killed-after-three-cars-hit-him-parkway-eas/njQWr/

(warning, autoplay video if you click the link, but there’s not much there really, they’re still trying to figure it all out)

When did we become a society like this? This guy was someone’s son, maybe a brother, a husband or a father. How can you just kill another human being and keep driving? The first guy probably killed him, but then he was hit two more times by two different cars. So there’s a guy lying in the road and you just drive over his body? What the hell?

Around here lately there’s been people smashing car windows for whatever reason. A lady just got her window smashed and it’s going to cost her over $500 to get it repaired. They got one dollar and some change out of her car and that’s all they took. That just makes no sense to me.

The laws anymore don’t seem to matter to people either. There’s an intersection near me that has signs that say one way and do not enter, but every single time I’m near it I watch people turn up that street to avoid the traffic light. It’s at least one person, but many times it’s more than one. Are the signs just a suggestion now? I see the police do it all the time as well, so I guess if they’re allowed it’s ok for everyone else too? How can you have laws like that when those enforcing the law don’t obey them? What kind of an example is that?

Down the street from me is another intersection with two stop signs and then the side street does not have one so they have the right of way. There are even additional bright yellow signs that say cross traffic does not stop. People still don’t stop for the stop sign. My wife and kids were hit last year at this intersection, thankfully no one got hurt though, but the lady just blew right through the stop sign. I’ve had people almost hit me and then stop and yell and scream at me because they think I did something wrong by using that street and not stopping. There is no stop sign there so I don’t have to stop!

Red lights are another one, I see all kinds of people just going right through them. No it’s not yellow either, it’s blatantly red and they just keep going. Traffic signals now are just a suggestion too?

Traffic in general is just screwed up, I hate driving anymore. Every time I drive I have to swerve to avoid oncoming cars that just cross the line into my lane. It seems they just feel the entire road is theirs and theirs alone. So now people just drive anywhere they want?! What the hell is wrong with you people?

When did laws become suggestions?

The police? What the hell has happened to the police? There was a time when police were to be respected and trusted and someone you could go to for help. Now they’re feared and that’s not how it’s supposed to be. I don’t trust them at all, I fear any interaction with the police, I’m afraid to call them about anything honestly. I’ve even told my kids, don’t trust the police, and it should not be that way. They lie, they cheat, they steal, they do whatever they can to reach their quotas. They seem to kill with impunity now as well it seems.

The government is horribly corrupt and we all know this but there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do about it. Everything is money, if you have the money you can get your law or bill or whatever passed. It’s not about the people anymore, it’s about lining the pockets of the politicians and that’s it. What happened to a government of the people, by the people and for the people? The government could be a whole new rant post by itself, but I’m sure you know all this…the government just has nothing to do with ‘the people’ at all anymore really. I have to wonder what our founding fathers might have to say if they saw the state of the government now, I’m sure they would be ashamed though… Yes I know there are people who will say we can vote and change things, but that’s bullshit as the system is horribly broken and I don’t think any amount of votes will change anything really.

Terrorists are another good one, well not good, but a good example of just how screwed up this world is. They want to kill me because I don’t believe in their god. Really? What the hell is that about? I’m sorry but if you’re wonderful god tells you to kill people who don’t believe in him, I sure as hell don’t want anything to do with that god! (God and religion is another subject that could be a whole other post as well, but I’m not going there now.)

Anyway, it’s not supposed to be this way. I don’t want to live like this, I don’t want my kids to grow up in this kind of world. I can’t imagine what it will be like when my kids have their own kids. It’s just getting worse.

You have to have good examples for people to follow but when the supposed people in power are morally corrupt where do you find a good example?

The police are supposed to be the epitome of good, they uphold the law, they enforce the laws but they’re breaking those same laws that they’re enforcing and not getting punished for it. When people see that it’s ok for them to do this then I guess they naturally assume it’s ok for them as well.

The people that make and enforce our laws have become the ones that are breaking those same laws most often, and are not getting punished for it, so we as a society have no real examples of what good is anymore. When the morals of the law makers and enforcers have decayed, why are we surprised that the morals of average citizens have decayed as well?

The law makers and enforcers don’t value life anymore so it’s no surprise that the citizens don’t either.

The morals of society have decayed to the point where I don’t see it getting better but only worse and that frightens me….