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XTraGear Carbonic XXL Desk Mat Review


New review by me…

Link: http://technogog.com/review/review-of-xtragear-carbonic-xxl-desk-mat/

Quote: “Up for review today I have a rather large mousepad, or desk mat as they’re called, from XTracGear called the Carbonic XXL. This pad features a carbon fiber pattern that not only looks good but allows your mouse sensor to track better. The mat also features full stitching all around the edges of the mat to make sure it won’t fray or separate like some cloth pads tend to do after time. Read on to learn more… “

Sentey Kairos Pro Gaming Mousepad Review


Another new review by me on Technogog:

Link: http://technogog.com/review/review-of-sentey-kairos-pro-gaming-mousepad/

Quote: “Most people don’t give USB cables a second thought, it’s just one of those things that’s there when you need it or not. Most people have numerous USB cables hanging around, I know I  have to have at least fifty, if not a lot more than that floating around doing nothing in drawers, in the attic and under my desk as well. I don’t know about you but it seems that every time I go to plug a USB cable in I do it backwards or upside, whatever the case may be, but it’s annoying to have to fiddle around to get it in the correct way. The USB cable is one of those products that’s just there, there’s nothing special about it at all, until now that is. Moopti has just announced the dio Naked Reversible USB Cable that’s up for pre-order on their site and/or you can back them on KickStarter. Moopti graciously sent me over a sample for review and it’s one of those things that I have to wonder how I’ve lived my life without it thus far. The dio is so simple but yet one of those things that should be on your must-have list of accessories… Read on to learn more… “

XTracGear Ripper XXL Mousing Surface Review


New review by me…

Link: http://www.dragonsteelmods.com/review-of-xtracgear-ripper-xxl-mousing-surface/

Quote: “I get a lot of products for review and honestly I don’t keep or even use them after the review. I give them away to family and friends usually or I just tuck them away to use maybe later. One of the products over the years though that I loved and used everyday was the Ripper XXL from XTrac which is a really big mousepad, technically called a deskpad. I had the Ripper XXL for a few years and I finally had to sadly throw it away as it was just too worn and frayed. Very luckily for me XTracGear recently, I guess you could say, re-introduced and/or redesigned their Ripper line of mousepads and sent me a nice new XXL over for review. So read one to learn more…”

XTracGear Carbonic Gaming Mousepad Review


Yep.. new review from me…

Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-xtracgear-carbonic-gaming-mousepad/

"Today for review I’ve got the latest gaming mousepad from XtracGear called the Carbonic. The pad gets it’s name from the carbon fiber appearance on the surface of the pad, it’s not carbon fiber, it’s what would be considered a cloth pad, but it’s not cloth as you might expect. The surface is shiny and what Xtrac calls a polished textile surface making it have the rougher surface of a cloth pad for more control but also making it slicker than most traditional cloth pads are. The Carbonic has what I would call a hybrid surface, it’s flexible like cloth but yet slick like plastic. Read on to learn more.. "

Func F-Series 10 XL Mousepad Review


Another new review by me

Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-func-f-series-10-xl-mousepad/

“Yesterday I reviewed the Func MS-3² gaming mouse and today I have the companion to it, the Func F-Series 10 XL gaming mousepad. I have a large desk so I like large mousepads and this one comes in at 38×29 cm or 15×11.5 but it’s only 2mm or about .1 inches thick. The F-Series 10 XL is a hard surface pad which is very finely textured giving it very little resistance allowing your mouse of choice to just glide across it almost effortlessly. So read on to learn more… “

TekMat AR-15 Bench Mat Deskpad Review


New review by me over on DragonSteelMods…

Link: http://www.dragonsteelmods.com/tekmat-ar-15-bench-mat-review/

Quote: “The mousepad is one of the most important parts of your desktop setup I think, and I use a mousepad and a deskpad as I like having a soft surface under my keyboard area as I do spend hours at my desk and I just like to be comfortable. I do have two deskpads, well actually just one now, a Corepad and an Xtrac but they’re old and frayed and just in pretty bad shape so I tossed one out and I needed a new one so I went to Amazon searching for one. I was on Amazon and came across the regular black ones but what turned up in my search results was something a bit different called the TekMat and it’s sold as something for gun owners to use as a bench mat or work surface while cleaning or performing maintenance on your guns and AR 15 Accessories. These pads are really just mousepads but they have imprints on them of different guns and I grabbed the AR-15 version for myself, it’s a nice change from the plain black of the ‘real’ mousepads that are for sale these days.  Most deskpads sell for $35 and up but the Tekmat is only $25 and it’s virtually the same as those gaming deskpads but at a much lower price. The only real difference I can see is the size, the TekMat is only 12 inches tall while the other gaming deskpads are usually 17 inches tall or more, other than that it’s essentially the same. So read on for a unique deskpad that works great… “