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Black Friday AOC LED LCD Monitor Deal


This isn’t bad at all, I wouldn’t mind getting one of these.. This monitor from AOC is LED backlit and it’s 27” in size with a regular price of $300, but for Black Friday it’s gong to be only $179. I don’t think I’ve ever seen 27” monitor that low before, and it’s got some decent specs too!

News and Reviews for Friday September 13th 2013


Gack.. I’m falling apart..  I can barely walk my back hurts so bad, even just sitting here I’m in like agony.. it’s not fun at all…  I’m still getting over being sick, fell better except for a stuffy nose and I think that’s the worst part, not being able to breathe.. I hate going and buying decongestant because that over the counter stuff doesn’t work and to buy the other stuff you need to go to the pharmacy and show your ID and sign and all this crap, I hate doing it because it makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong, even though I just want to be able to breathe! Why should I feel guilty because I want clear sinuses?!  Oh, whatever… here’s the latest news…

LG IPS236V 23” IPS LED LCD Monitor Review


Yep, it’s another review by me on TestFreaks..


Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-lg-ips236v-23-ips-led-lcd-monitor/

" Up for review today I’ve got a monitor from our friends at Geeks.com, but it’s not just any monitor this is an IPS monitor! if you don’t know anything about monitors, then let me tell you that IPS is a very good thing when it comes to LCD display. The monitor I have for review is the LG IPS236V which is a 23” sized monitor that has HDMI, DVI and VGA inputs on it so you’ve got connection choices. This monitor provides excellent color reproduction and extreme viewing angles with little to no distortion. It’s a great monitor for everything you do, no matter if it’s gaming, watching HD movies or just browsing the web, things will most certainly look better on the LG IPS236V! "

7" 800×480 USB Secondary LCD Monitor @ TestFreaks


Link: http://www.testfreaks.com/blog/review/review-of-7-800×480-usb-secondary-lcd-monitor/
"I’m sure a lot of you out there got a digital photo frame for Christmas, they’re one of the more popular gifts. I bet though that the one you got couldn’t also be used as a USB monitor, well that’s what I got, not for Christmas but for review from Geeks.com.  The photo frame slash USB monitor I got for review is what one would call no-name or generic, it’s just called the 7” 800×480 USB Secondary LCD Monitor. It features a USB port and an SD card slot so you can view your pictures and it has 1gig of internal memory as well.  "

Remember, stop over Geeks.com for all your Digital Picture Frame needs!