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Pakuma Choroka K2 Laptop Messenger Bag Review


And another review….

Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-pakuma-choroka-k2-laptop-messenger-bag/

"We are a mobile society, we take quite a bit with us and that includes laptops which aren’t exactly heavy duty and durable. Let’s face it, accidents happen, so I figure why not be prepared and at least protect your electronics with a decent bag or case? Today for review I have the Pakuma Choroka K2 laptop messenger bag that will fit laptops up to 15.4” in size. This laptop isn’t inexpensive, but it’s not overly expensive either, it sells for about $50 and I think it’s well worth it. The K2 bag features the Pakuma Cocoon system to protect your laptop, which uses memory foam to keep your laptop from getting damaged. The bag also has plenty of room for everything you need for the day, and there’s an abundance or pockets to help keep things organized and separated. So read on to learn more… "

Mobility Digest Review: Arctic MB201 12” Messenger Bag

Another review by me!



Bags! The bag is something of a must for anyone with any kind of mobile lifestyle. I have several bags for my laptop, netbook and even for my tablets and they’re all different but they’re a must have item. No mater if you work from home like me or you commute, you’ll most likely need to take your laptop with you somewhere and you won’t want to take it unprotected. Today for review I’ve got the Arctic MB201 12” Messenger Bag and it’s not only inexpensive but it’s well made and it’s got plenty of room for all of your stuff. Read on..



It’s a great bag and you can find it for only $26.95 at Amazon!