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News and Reviews for October 9th 2013


Yes it’s Wednesday, and I’m tired, then again I always seem to be tired, I guess it’s because I really don’t sleep. The last week or so I’ve been going to bed between 1am and 2am and getting up at 6am so I haven’t gotten much sleep, just wide awake. It could be all the crap I have going on in my life right now like the fact that the washer is broke and the part I needs costs $80 plus shipping and I think I’ve got $5 in my bank account right now. It could also be the pain that I’m in and the fact that no one believes me or actually cares. Went to the doctor a couple weeks ago and she actually asked me why I was in pain. Really? I thought she was a doctor and I thought she was supposed to tell me why I was in pain? At least I thought that was how it worked, I could be wrong, maybe it’s a new way of treatment?  Oh well.. life goes on I guess, who cares about my problems right? read the news..

News for June 10th 2013


Yeah it’s Monday… it’s raining here, just dreary and all that.. and I’m going to have my car repossessed, so that’s how my life is right now… yep it sucks, not making any money at all doing this stuff… and my back is all screwed up right now, in pain just sitting here and I can barely walk… don’t know what to do now… oh well, whatever, read the news…