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BUREI Men’s Brown Calfskin Leather Watch Review


Yep, new review by me…

Link: http://technogog.com/review/review-of-burei-mens-brown-calfskin-leather-watch/

“Up for review today I’ve got another watch from Burei and this one is very different from the last one I reviewed as it has a nice classic and yet elegant styling to it with gold accents and a brown calfskin leather band. From my time with it I’ve found it’s comfortable to wear and it keep good time, there’s also a day and date display there for you as well. All in all it’s a very decent budget friendly watch. Read on to learn more..  “

Review of Aprince Slim Genuine Leather Wallet

Everyone has a wallet, men and women and they don’t last forever so when it’s time to get a new one it can be a challenge as you’ve got many to choose from. Today for review I’ve got a slim leather wallet from a company called Aprince that has room for 24 cards and/or pictures which should be more than enough for anybody. Read on to learn more…

Krusell Kiruna FlipCover Leather Case for HTC One Review


It’s a new review by me!!


Link: http://mobilitydigest.com/krusell-kiruna-flipcover-leather-case-for-htc-one-reviewed/

Quote: "It’s been along time since I’ve owned a case by Krusell and I have to say it was one of the nicest cases I owned for phone. If you like leather and quality products then Krusell is where you go. Up for review today I have the Krusell Kiruna FlipCover Leather Case for HTC One. It’s a leather case, and it’s called the Kiruna and it’s a flip style case. Now that we’ve got the obvious out of the way, the case is made of a nice soft and supple leather with a soft felt lining to protect the phone and look good while doing it.  So read on…"

Red Carbon Fiber Leather Case for HTC One Reviewed


Yeppers, it’s a new review! I’ve got a lot of HTC One cases and I’m going to be doing a roundup of them over on TestFreaks very soon.. so keep an eye out for that.. 


Link: http://reviewthetech.com/2013/07/05/red-carbon-fiber-leather-case-for-htc-one-review/

Quote: "I’ve reviewed a lot of HTC One cases and yes I’m back with another one! This case is what you might call budget or inexpensive as it comes in at under $12, but it’s very nice for the price. Carbon Fiber is popular, it looks nice and it’s durable, leather is great as well, it’s stylish and durable too, combine the two and you’ve got something very unique. Up for review today I have a case for the HTC One which is leather and carbon fiber together and it’s red in color, the case is thin and lightweight but will do a good job of protecting your phone."

Hama Arezzo 50F Leather Style Compact Camera Case Review


Link: http://www.dragonsteelmods.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=17391&Itemid=1

Quote: Today for review I’ve got another one of the camera cases from our friends at Love Cases. This one is rather stylish in that it looks like leather. It’s called the Arezzo 50F Leather Style Compact Camera Case and it’s from a company called Hama. The case is very basic, just a spot to hold your camera and a memory card or two. It’s a no frills case that should do a decent job of protecting the camera inside and look good doing it.