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Le Pan II for Sale on Amazon!

Hmm.. it seems the Le Pan II is on sale on Amazon right now. From what I heard it wasn’t going to officially be on sale until after the CES announcement. Here’s hoping I can get one for review!!! I love my Le Pan TC 970, or the Le Pan I, it’s sitting in a stand on my desk right now and there’s where it’s been living for the most part when I don’t take it with me.

Anyway, price is $299.99 and that’s not bad at all considering the specs of it..

It comes with Android 3.2 and should be getting ICS soon.

  • Tablet with 9.7-inch capacitive display; supports 720P HD video
  • Android 3.2 platform, and ultra-fast Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Powered by 1.2 GHz dual-core processor; support for Adobe Flash for viewing web sites, movies, games, and more
  • Front-facing 2-megapixel camera and microphone for video chat
  • 8 GB built-in storage, supports 32 GB Micro SD card
  • Up to six hours of video playback/Wi-Fi web browsing
  • Size (L/W/H): 9.29 x 7.44 x 0.48 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds

In the box you’ll find Le Pan tablet, 30-pin to USB cable, charger, cleaning cloth, wrist loop, quick user guide



HERE is the link to get your own.

From what I can see they already sold out on pre-orders as right now it’s listed as shipping within 2-4 weeks. SO head on over now and order one to get in on the second batch shipment.

Oh and here’s the link to it on the Le Pan site to read more about it: http://lepantab.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=81

Bluetooth Keyboard for Le Pan TC 970

So I found a Bluetooth keyboard for my Le Pan TC 970 tablet and it’s very nice, I can highly recommend it.

It’s the Verbatim Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Keyboard and it works great with the Le Pan. I got it for review over on TestFreaks actually so you can find quote and link below:




“Ok, first review of the New Year and it’s a keyboard. It’s not just any keyboard though, it’s the Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Mobile keyboard from Verbatim. This keyboard is very thin and portable and it features the standard keys along with many special function keys as well. It can be used with Apple devices and many Android ones and any other Bluetooth device that supports HID profiles. This little keyboard is great for those that aren’t yet quite accustomed to typing on a touchscreen and/or prefer typing on a real keyboard.”


Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-verbatim-ultra-slim-bluetooth-wireless-mobile-keyboard/


Also I found you can get it at Amazon for $43.73 in the white color I got.

Le Pan TC 970 Has Got Root Now


Got Root? My Le Pan TC 970 does thanks to the folks at XDA!

It worked the second time I tried it. You can use Super One Click to do it. the first time it didn’t take after reset for me but it did after the second time.


Pop on over to XDA here and find out how: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1353951

It’s simple and very easy to do. Attached to the main post on XDA are the files needed to root your Le Pan TC 970, so what are you waiting for? Go get yourself some root!

Le Pan TC 970 Android Tablet Not Getting Update


So, sadly it’s official the Le Pan TC 970 is NOT getting any Android version past 2.2. ‘

When I first got the tablet I asked about the updated and they told me it would be getting Ice Cream Sandwich in the 4th quarter 2011, which of course we’re in right now. I had forgot about it and just remembered so I sent them off an email and this was the response I got:


The original Le Pan won’t be getting any Android OS upgrades but will receive firmware updates when needed. The TC970 does not meet the minimal specifications needed to run the new OS. It is capable of running 2.3 however the entire software of the tablet would have to be rewritten.
We really apologize that the tablet cannot be upgradable to anything past 2.2 at this point.


So no Gingerbread or anything new for the TC 970, but at least they’re still going to support it.

Le Pan TC 970 Firmware Update Information

Ok, it looks as though Le pan has made it much easier to update your TC 970. I love mine and still use it often, it’s once of the best Android tablets out there and best of all it’s inexpensive. Get one, you won’t be sorry!


Anyway, to get the update you need to go to the Support page http://lepan.supportsync.com/


Then click the ‘Latest Firmware for LePan TC 970 Tablet Computer’

which would be here: http://lepan.supportsync.com/articles/view/Latest_Firmware_for_LePan_TC_970_Tablet_Computer_11


Then you’ll see links to download the three files, Firmware, Applications and Instructions.

It’s very simple to do but follow the instructions and make sure you UNPLUG the USB/charger cable before powering-on the tablet or the upgrade process will not start.!!


Here are the links for you:

Firmware: http://www.supportsyncfiles.com/lepan/firmware/Firmware_4431_LePan_TC970.zip

Applications: http://www.supportsyncfiles.com/lepan/applications/TC970_Preset_APK.zip

Instructions: http://www.supportsyncfiles.com/lepan/firmware/upgrade_instructions.pdf


Right now Amazon has the Le Pan TC 970 for $229.99, which isn’t bad at all.

if you get the tablet I can highly recommend getting the POSRUS Antiglare screen protector as well. The TC 970 is great but the screen is super glossy and it’s annoying, the screen protector works perfectly to reduce glare by about 90-95%

Firmware Update Available for Le Pan TC 970 Android Tablet


I just got word that a new update is available for my favorite Android tablet, the Le Pan TC 970.

I’m not sure what’s in the update though, in a few minutes I’ll be updating my TC 970. The newest firmware though is 4431.

I also found out about a way to root the tablet as well, but sadly it costs $4.99…

If you want to root your tablet, see http://droidpirate.com/2011/07/13/le-pan-tc-tablet-root-android-le-pan-tc-970-9-7/

(edit: I removed the live link up there because I read on XDA Forums that it really doesn’t work and it’s basically a scam. Don’t know how true it is, but you can never be too careful, so go there and try at your own risk)

Please be reminded, any modification or alteration of the tablet voids warranty.

You can check out my full review of the Le Pan TC 970 here: http://reviewthetech.com/2011/07/05/le-pan-mode-de-vie-tc970-9-7-android-tablet-review/

Le Pan Android Tablet Review @ Review the Tech



Review Link: http://reviewthetech.com/2011/07/05/le-pan-mode-de-vie-tc970-9-7-android-tablet-review/

Review Quote:
"Tablets are the in thing as I’m sure you’re aware by now. It seems every company now is coming out with an Android tablet and not all of them are good. Prices range from inexpensive to several hundred dollars, the inexpensive ones usually aren’t even worth your time honestly. You pay for quality and that’s very much so when it comes to tablets, at least that’s the way it is for the majority of tablets out there today. I recently got a request to review on Android tablet from a company I’ve never heard of, so I was immediately suspect of its quality and ability. Today for review I have that tablet, it’s called the Mode de Vie or TC970 from a little company called Le Pan. This tablet sells for only $350 and I can honestly tell you that it’s worth every penny, I could easily see it selling for much more. The build quality is just excellent and it performs much better that I ever expected it to. I’ve had the chance to play with the Xoom and Galaxy Tab in the past and I can say the TC970 is on par with them in terms of quality and performance. The TC970 has a TI OMAP 1GHz CPU in it with a capacitive touchscreen that displays at 1024×768, and it’s gorgeous really it is. "