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Video Review of Krusell Kiruna FlipCover Case for HTC One


Link: http://www.dragonsteelmods.com/krusell-kiruna-flipcover-case-for-htc-one-video-review/

Quote: "Today I have another video review for you of a case from one of my favorite case manufacturers named Krusell. The case is called the Kiruna FlipCover and it’s made of leather and it will most certainly protect the HTC One in style. The Kiruna case also features a pocket to carry your ID or credit card so you can travel light and it allows access to all the ports and buttons thanks to nice large cut-out sections. So read on to see the video review.."




Krusell Kiruna FlipCover Leather Case for HTC One Review


It’s a new review by me!!


Link: http://mobilitydigest.com/krusell-kiruna-flipcover-leather-case-for-htc-one-reviewed/

Quote: "It’s been along time since I’ve owned a case by Krusell and I have to say it was one of the nicest cases I owned for phone. If you like leather and quality products then Krusell is where you go. Up for review today I have the Krusell Kiruna FlipCover Leather Case for HTC One. It’s a leather case, and it’s called the Kiruna and it’s a flip style case. Now that we’ve got the obvious out of the way, the case is made of a nice soft and supple leather with a soft felt lining to protect the phone and look good while doing it.  So read on…"

Krusell Touch Screen Pointer Review

So the other day I posted my first review for Tiltsite, the Triforce Stylus. It was sent from Krusell actually, but it’s a Triforce brand pointer. They sell them to other companies to brand and sell themselves.

It’s an interesting little device that works well, you can read my full review HERE about it if you wish to.

It’s nice as you won’t have to worry about losing your stylus since it’s built into the phone strap itself.