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5 Tips to Buying the Perfect Gift for Your Son


Having kids is a blessing and as a parent, it makes one happy to see that your kids are happy. Not all kids are the same, meaning that what makes one happy could not be what makes the other one happy. It is for this reason, that it becomes hard and frustrating when you are searching for the perfect gift for your kid. The gift will also depend on the gender of the kid, for example, and it could be confusing to get your son a doll and a doll house as a toy. The girls are not that complicated to shop for but for the boys, confusion can easily arise depending on your cultural background and personal beliefs. This makes it very hard for the parents to buy a gift for their son. The tips below will help guide you into buying the perfect gift for your son:

Review of Angel Direct Frosty Pillow Gel Mat

I’ve got a quick review for you today of something that I actually got for my 10 year old son for me to review. He loves the Chillow for whatever reason, the Chillow is this water filled mat that is supposed to keep you cool at night, you put it under your pillow and it pulls the heat from your head essentially. We’ve gone through several of these as they kept getting holes in them and leaking water everywhere, I felt bad as he liked it a lot so we kept buying them for him and I kept repairing them but something needed to be done. Today for review I’ve got something similar to the Chillow but there’s no water, it’s a gel inside of it and it’s a cloth covered mat instead of the vinyl that the Chillow is. He’s been using this mat and he loves it, more than the Chillow.  Read on to learn more..

Grounding for Kids and Parents


We are having a huge problem with our oldest son, he’s 12 now and it’s just a horrible experience right now. He’s defiant, argumentative, secretive, he lies, he steals, he fights, he cries, he has temper tantrums and more. He’s getting horrible grades, they’ve all dropped and I just found out this morning he’s getting an F in one of his classes now. This was a kid who we were proud of for getting excellent grades and being in gifted and advanced classes and being praised for his skill at his musical instrument. Everything has changed though, a complete turn around and I’m not sure what to do or how to help. There’s nothing I can figure out to do. He just doesn’t care and he says so. Trying to talk calmly to him doesn’t work, he just yells and screams at you even though you’re talking calmly to him and not yelling at him. He will not commit to anything, he can’t or won’t answer a simple yes or no question even if you direct him to answer yes or no, he won’t do it. The answer is always ‘maybe’ or ‘I don’t know’ or ‘possibly’ or ‘could be’.

School is Back in Sort Of


Yes I am Angry Cat right now.

Yesterday the bus did not come for my kids.

Today the bus did not come for my kids.

Yesterday I was told their bus (A-10) was broken down and another (A-27) should have picked them up. It’s supposed to come at 8:17am, we were there from 8am until 9am, school starts at 9:05am. They said I must have missed it somehow yesterday, but no it did not come, I looked at every bus. Besides that, how was I supposed to know to look for the A-27, when we told the A-10 was picking them up. How was I supposed to know they switched busses unless they tell me?! My mind reading or telepathy does not work that well as I’ve aged as I must have missed the telepathic message about the bus change.

They told me that today the A-27 would come to pick them up, it did not again. They said the A-10 would be out of service until Wednesday or Thursday and we’ll get the A-27. Today I called the school to find out what’s going on a about 9am, they said the A-10 was sitting in front of the school. ?! 

It did not come past me, I looked at every single bus number going both ways on the street, the A-27 or A-10 did not come past us.

They assured me yesterday that my kids would be picked up today, they were not. They assured me today that my kids would get picked up tomorrow, I guess we’ll wait and see won’t we?!

Yes, I am Angry Cat right now….

Genius Kids Designer II 5” x 8” Graphic Tablet for Kids Review


And another review by me on TestFreaks..

Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-genius-kids-designer-ii-5-x-8-graphic-tablet-for-kids/

"About two years ago I reviewed a product from Genius, the Kids Designer graphics tablet, and I’m happy to report that my youngest son still uses it to this day and very much enjoy it. The Kids Designer tablet is a great product for children but Genius has decided to improve upon it with the Kids Designer II Graphics Tablet which is what I have for review today. This second generation tablet looks very much different from the first and this one includes a wireless pen instead of wired like the first one has. If you have young children then this is certainly a product your should look into, my kids love it and I think your will too.  "