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Being a reviewer can be annoying

I love my job, I do really.. but sometimes I just don’t understand how companies work…

When you’re a reviewer, you get a lot of cool stuff to keep, then there are some companies who don’t let you keep the stuff…

I’ve gotten to keep things that cost hundreds of dollars, and then I’ve had to send things back that cost as little as $30

I’ll never understand the policies for as long as I do this..

Most all companies tell you upfront that they want the product back, and many companies even make you sign an agreement about how long you have the item for. it’s nice to know up front that you have to return something. Some companies will tell you after you let them know the review is finished that they want it back, that can be annoying, but it’s not too big of a deal…

I just had a company email me almost 4 months later asking for the product back.. never said nothing at the start, never mentioned it after I told them the review was live, nothing at all about returning it until now.. the best part is that they now want me to pay to ship it back to them.. every company I’ve eve3n dealt with has given me a shipping label or provided an account number to ship it back to them..

I won’t mention the company, but it’s a product that I happen to like a lot and have been using and have it set the way I need it to be..

ruined my day…. blah