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Review of Joby Gorillatorch Blade and Giveaway @ DIY Guides

I just posted my review of the new Joby Gorillatorch Blade over at DIOY Guides. Joby was kind enough to send me another one to give away, so hop on over there and read the review and enter to win one for yourself..



Link: http://www.diy-guides.com/review-of-joby-gorillatorch-blade-and-giveaway/


I do a lot of things myself and many times that means I find myself not having enough hands, I’m sure you know what I mean here. For example trying to hold a flashlight while doing something else with your hands, it just doesn’t quite work right most times, you end up finding creative ways to prop the light up and it usually never works out quite right. I’ve been reviewing products for many years, and a lot of the stuff I get ends up being given away or just packed in my attic for later use, that never seems to come. There are products that I get though that I use all of the time, ones that I find tremendously useful and have a permanent place in my DIY tool-kit. Two such products are actually flashlights, but not just any light though, these are from a company called Joby and they feature a bendable leg tripod with magnetic feet that can be utilized in any situation where extra light is needed but where you don’t have a spare hand to hold the light. The magnets let them stick to most any metallic surface. The tripod lets the light just stand where you need it. The bendable legs can be wrapped around things to position the light just so for your needs. These have become my go to product for any of my lighting needs, they are truly just amazing products.

Today for review I have the newest DIY helper flashlight from Joby called the Gorillatorch Blade, and it’s become another must have addition to my toolbox. Not only do I have the Blade for review, but Joby has been kind enough to send me two of them, one for review and one to giveaway to one of our readers.