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iStarUSA BPN-2535DE-SA SATA Hot-Swap Drive Cage Review


New review by me!


Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-istarusa-bpn-2535de-sa-sata-hot-swap-drive-cage/

"A few days ago I reviewed a hot-swap cage from iStarUSA that allowed you to simply and easily transfer data to and from standard sized hard drives and I liked it very much. Today for review I have another hot-swap cage from iStar called the BPN-2535DE-SA which allows you to fit two notebook or SSD sized drives into the space of a standard hard drive. The cage is hot-swap capable meaning you can just put the drives in and pull them out as you need to, the cage also locks to secure the drives in place and it’s very simple to install and use. Read on…"


iStarUSA BPN-DE110SS-WB Trayless Hot-Swap Cage with Wood Look Bezel Reviewed


New review by me..

Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-istarusa-bpn-de110ss-wb-trayless-hot-swap-cage-with-wood-look-bezel/

"Computer storage comes in many forms and we need to have it for everything really, I’m the type of person who doesn’t care of the cloud and I put everything on hard drives for my backups. I don’t keep the drives in my computer because you never know what will happen, a virus can affect all the drives and that would be bad so I use something like the products I have for review today, a hot-swap dock. Today for review I have the iStarUSA BPN-DE110SS-WB Trayless Hot-Swap Cage with Wood Look Bezel which fits into a 5.25” bay and it allows you to put a standard 3.5” hard drive into it to transfer data back and forth and then just remove it when you’re done. The iStar dock I have for review today is trayless meaning you can just put the drive in and that’s it, no tray to mess with which I love as it makes life so much easier. What makes this dock special is the look of it, it has a wood finish, yes that’s not something you’d expect from something tech related but it works and it looks good. Read on… "